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The only vaporizer I'll ever need
I picked up the Da Buddha vaporizer from this site about a year ago now and forgot to review. This is an excellent product all round. From the durability of the hardware, to the ease of use and quality of vapour, it's just fantastic.

If you're a first-time vape buyer, please don't look past this. With vaporizers, you get what you paid for, and this the best value product I've seen. I was wary when I forked out, but I am so happy I did.

The risk of blowing your herb onto the heating element is a very small downside to what is otherwise (in my opinion) an extremely pleasant and comfortable vaporizing experience. This is also easily avoided and easily fixed should it happen to you (immediately switch off the unit, invert and shake loose any trapped herb).
Chris 14/11/2014
Domestic friendly
This tool is great if you want to vape at home whilst keeping it 'smoke-free'. No stains or remaining smell after a night.
David 20/10/2014
The fatman has the goods
Works very well. It took a while to get used to using it. My only complaint would be the cord. A more flexible power cord would be nice.
Adam 11/08/2014
great affordable desktop vape
Da Buddha vape is an excellent mid-range desktop vape, it can produce huge vapour clouds when you want it to while still consuming much less of your herbs than smoking would.

It's very straight forward to setup and use, just remember to stir your herbs every now and then to avoid combusting.

My only complaint is that it is possible for your herbs to fall or be blown back onto the heating element. Just take care not to laugh or exhale though the whip, and don't over-pack the whip either.

Overall it's a great desktop vape for the right price, highly recommended.
Cam 27/07/2014
Works better than expected
If you're on the fence (I was myself) and not sure whether to try this product, don't worry, it fully works, I'm a convert. Say no to combustibles
C 8/07/2014
Excellent Purchase
(1) If you are thinking of getting a Vap, do it.

(2) For a mid range, DaBuddha is excellent.

(3) Product arrived as described and quickly.
Cosmic 4/07/2014
You get what you pay for! (Albeit accessory costs, although quality is guarenteed)
Arrived on time. Glassware is made of high quality, without even mentioning the actual vape itself. Strong and sturdy, reliable, cheap to run & super herb-efficient! Never misses a beat.
Dylan 29/06/2014
These guys don't mess around. Shit came straight away.
toast3d 28/06/2014
Excellent product
This is an excellent product
Sean 20/06/2014
Wow, just wow.
If you have been hesitating buying a vaporizer then stop putting it off and get one now!

I have had mine for about 6 weeks, and during that time I have gone back to the smoking maybe 4 times (lazyness, mostly, as the vaporizer takes a few minutes to warm up) and the taste is awful! It only took me a few tokes to get used to the taste of the vape, but it is much nicer.

The effect of the herbal mix is stronger, and lasts longer. Obviously the herbal mix I am referring to is damiana..

There was a little bit of a learning curve as I have never used a vape before. Checkout some youtube videos, and no matter what else you think might be a good idea, don't set your heat too high. The only thing this does is get the herb hot enough to combust (and this makes a hell of a mess inside the wand and tube).

Umm, anything else? Oh yeah, based on the success I have had with my whip style vape I might go for a balloon style next. Although I might not even bother and just stick with my wand vape.

Francis 18/06/2014