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Da Buddha Vaporizer

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So service was amazing these guys really are great when it comes to that, as for the product its a well made unit. I personally wished id tried it before i bought it, i havent been using it much but ultimately need to switch its a whole lot healthier for you without a doubt
dehla 29/01/2016
The best!
After using an mflb for 3 months this just blew my socks off! It's amazing. If you're chasing the easiest most reliable whip vaporiser, look no further...five stars.
Shane 25/01/2016
Quality product
Great service from AV. So quick and efficient. This vaporiser is effective and is easy to use. Quite discreet looking. Works well. Happy with it.
Jules 21/01/2016
Dope vape for making the switch, you can control the amount of vape and get a nice lung-full. I recommend it to all my peeps tryna get off the smoke. Good flavour, heats up quick. Had mine for a few years now and it's still the sh%znit.
D-man 17/12/2015
Top value for money!
Top value for money worth the spend
blaze 14/12/2015
i like it its easy to use and a quality product
AV has good service thnx
bob b 2/12/2015
Simply the best
Easy to use great vape taste.economical and far superior to smoking.bit pricy but worth the it!
Meanmachine 16/11/2015
Happy with purchase
I bought the DBV a few weeks back, honestly haven't used it as much as I would have liked.
That's not to say it's not a great product I'm just stuck in my old ways. Very sturdy, quality vapourizer. Service from AV was amazing, I ordered about 2pm and had it the next day at 6.30am!
Nadia 10/11/2015
10/10 for a whip vape
Have used a few home units and portables, this is by far the best whip vape i have ever used currently, massive clouds. tastes good, and is super simple in design. i love it.
highlife88 6/10/2015
Very pleased
Serious good value and performs great so happy with my da Buddha
Morgz 17/09/2015