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very happy
Firstly was very happy with delivery time, very quick. Secondly when it first came out of the box i noticed that the glass receptor didnt align well with the front hole, but then i discovered that the glass receptor can be slide up and down or even taken completely off so after a quick adjustment i was vaping in no time, very happy with quality compared to price, would be happy to buy again
William 14/07/2016
Found OK
I found this unit OK for a model that is in the lower cost range.
Enjoy the result of use,
Need to experiment with temperature but I find just under half power works very well.
Only problem is the glass receptor is not well aligned with the hole in the front. For such a big hole the receptor could be a little higher
James 6/07/2016
Great product
Delivery was fast and efficient.

This product is great. Easy to use and looms awesome. I would recommend it.
Boss 4/07/2016
Best bang for your buck.
Great unit. Gets up to heat real quick. There is a bit of a learning curve getting the temperature right but once you get going there is no turning back.
Super fast shipping too!
Juzz 3/06/2016
Great product and very easy to use,i wish i got one years ago,since i started using DaBudda and wont go back,after 1 week my lungs felt so much better
madmick 10/05/2016
Rub my belly!
Yes I would recommend this for a friend- I bought this one for my friend after he tried mine and didn't want to give it back :)
No Smoke 5/04/2016
Great vape grape ape!
Great vape grape ape!
TACO 25/03/2016
Very impressed
I love my Buda vap have not stopped using it
Da ville 17/03/2016
Rub his belly!
I own 4 potables but this is my first desktop vape and I love it- very easy to use. You don't have as many accessories as the Silver Surfer to choose from but for the price and the quality of vapor and flavour, it's excellent value. You can buy a cool coloured whip as well :)
No Smoke! 1/03/2016
After owning one of these for 2 years and then an Arizer Q I can say this is definitely one of the top 3 desktop vapes.

Heats up quickly (2 minutes), and its good to go. Great vape quality, and is relatively cost effective with material.

Only negatives would be that the wand will get stuck in the unit sometimes, to fix this I put on a rubber glove and twist it. Also the material can drop into the heater core. If this happens just clean it out, and run it on high to burn off the carbon.

I would recommend this vape to anyone.
HarveyDank 15/02/2016