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Simple, elegant, works amazing, fast heat up. Perfect and cheap as well for what you get
Alex 19/08/2015
great vapour and easy to use.
very easy to use, produces great vapour and very nice effect.
Pete 16/07/2015
Great Product
Hi all, just wanted to let you know how wonderful the service is at AV, I had a DB for about 2 years, I absolutely love it, great vapor, easy clean, agree could do with auto cut-off but still great, the element went, (I used it every day) they replaced it with no questions asked, I love this place....
Debby 15/07/2015
I have been using my Da Buddha Vaporizer for a fortnight now and I can't understand how I have never discovered vaporizers along time ago, I will never use the old way again as I'm a Vaporizer convert for good. Proof is in the vapours.
Rho 14/07/2015
Great but no auto-off :(
It's great but no auto-off...? My essential oils make me a bit absent minded so I often forget about it and leave it on for hours... :(
givemepower 30/06/2015
works like a dream, super simple & easy to clean :)
poppy 24/06/2015
steep learing curve, great product
so ive only been using this vaporizer for a week or so but i love it, so much healthier than smoking, its really improved my experiences
Ryan 23/06/2015
My go-to vaporizer
I've had my DBV for nearly 18 months now and I love it. It's easy to operate, produces nice quality vapor, and the black version looks especially awesome. It's even better with the optional aroma-top that allows you to burn essentials after (or even while) vaping, or just anytime you want. I often use my unit just for the purpose of aromatherapy.

Another awesome little bonus, keep this thing turned on low with or without the aromatop attached and it's a nice little "handwarmer" much like a mug of tea or coffee might be. Would recommend getting coloured whips as they don't get all dirty looking like the clear ones can after moderate use.

Be careful with the poker tool that comes in the DBV bag, it's extremely sharp but very good for stirring around the herb inside the wand. I tend to just use a little brush accessory that I bought on this site and avoid the super sharp stirring tool.

The bag the DBV comes in is awesome as well and it's very easy to put it away whenever necessary, wrapping the long power cable neatly around the unit allows it to be placed back in the bag without any hassle. Highly recommended!
Mark 22/06/2015
After 2 years of weekly use.
I've been using my Da Buddha at least weekly for more than 2 years. There was a period in there when I was using it daily too. And its still working as well as the day I got it.

This thing is great, such a different experience that just burning herb.

As you may know, different compounds in herbs vaporize at different temperatures. I like to start at the lowest temperature and slowly increase it through out the session, it allows you to feel the different effects of the different compounds.

Get some extra screens at the same time, they're cheap and you'll need them eventually.
Cameron 4/06/2015
Great Home Vape!
I got the Da Buddha about a year ago and forgot to review it...

But here's the review after one year of use!

It's great piece just to have sitting out, heats up really quickly and is fairly easy to clean (although do be careful removing the glass dome/hood piece thing). Only problem is the whip gets dirty pretty fast with regular use.

Also, do get the extra screens as you will probably end up using them!

Great vapour quality, great product overall!
Anon 12/02/2015