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Classic Volcano Vaporizer w/ Solid Valve Starter Set


Classic Volcano Vaporizer w/ Solid Valve Starter Set

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One word.
Dream come true :-)
Rad 24/03/2015
Great product. Recommended seller.
Would highly recommend this company to purchase any of there items. High quality, great packaging and quick delivery. Can't even tell you how happy I am with this product. It far exceeded my expectations. 10/10
Guest 27/02/2015
This is to good to be true ! Its easy to use and feels cleaner than smoking your medical herbs .At first I was not happy with the price but now I think about how much better my lungs are and it was worth doing 100% ..
Jack 4/08/2014
The king of vapes
I have to say I would never have thought I'd own this vape due to the bag system but I was proved so wrong. This thing is simple, fool proof and all around amazing. I owned a Da Buddha which I feel is a quality vape but after using the Volcano it seems pretty average. I can't say it enough this is amazing! Spend the extra money you will never regret it.
Scott 30/07/2014
Very happy customer
Firstly, can only say good things about Australian Vaporizers. Very fast and discreet delivery with everything as advertised.

The product itself is world class. From the moment I opened the packaging I knew I was in for a treat. Well packaged. Beautifully designed. Excellently manufactured. If you are serious about your health and dried plants then a volcano is for you. Produces best quality vapour I've come across. Rather pricey investment but well worth it. I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone.

Thanks a lot AV!
Christopher 27/06/2014
World Class!
Top Quality piece of machinery. Australian Vaporizesr shipped the item very quickly. Can't say anything bad about this entire process at all. Happy customer.
Christopher 9/04/2014
Excellent product
A very good investment that will pay for itself over the long run! Sturdy build, and no problems with the EU to AU adapter provided.
Greg 1/04/2014
Excellent value for money
I would recommend this to everyone!
So lovely not to be coughing up my lungs. The vapor is very smooth with no unwanted gunk breathed in.
I was unsure whether to go digital, but after using this for some time I find I don't really change the temperature setting much anyway. Its sleek kitchen appliance look has really grown on me (and my friends).

The solid valve is great ! and once I got the hang of it cleaning was a breeze (plenty of you tube vids out there).

The temperature consistency is wonderful, and I love being able to cook and wonder around the house with the bag.
despite the higher price tag, it really is value for money.

Thank you Australian vaporizers for the speedy delivery and great service.
D 17/03/2014
best vaporiser out there
After months of using this machine no problems .Thought would be a little less noisy but apart from that its built well and does the job. service was great speedy arrival of my product
Adam 26/02/2014
Very useful tool
Very useful tool.
I use for improving my life. it takes priority over the toaster and looks better on the kitchen bench top than my kettle.
Jakey Stone 26/02/2014