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Classic Volcano Vaporizer w/ Solid Valve Starter Set


Classic Volcano Vaporizer w/ Solid Valve Starter Set

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I'm am so happy, I love my volcano!
The price-tag is large, but so are the benefits. I can breathe easy again & am using quite a bit less herb than I was. Its a literal work of art, & is so simple to use. I'm very happy with the friendly service & the speedy delivery. Thanks Australian Vapourizers. & if you are looking for a west Australian distributor, I'd love to join your team!
Redman 30/09/2015
This is a keeper.
Solid quality, easy to use, impressive to look at. Treat yourself.
DJango 21/09/2015
Easy to use, with amazing vapor quality.
Baron 17/09/2015
Excellent device, but...
For anyone who is, it is no replacement for combustion. Especially if you are a heavy user. Buy it, if you're thinking of turning over a new leaf.
Bolano 8/09/2015
Perfect in every way
Would recommend this to anybody, it is easy to use and gives great results. If anybody is in doubt of purchasing this vaporiser they should look at it as an investment as this is well worth every single cent.
NB 3/09/2015
Excellent service, love my Volcano!
Excellent service, love my Volcano!
Poppy 27/06/2015
Worth every cent.
I put off buying this vaporizer for a long time only due to the price. When I finally took the leap and purchased it I was anxious that I might have made the wrong decision....until it arrived only two days later. As soon as I used it for the first time, all my fears were put to rest. The vapour quality is unbelievably good. A beautiful device, expertly crafted with virtually no learning curve. So worth it. :)

A big thank you to AV for the great service. 11/10
Alexei 23/06/2015
Great product that really is worth the money. You will not regret buying this badboy
Drew 10/06/2015
The volcano has given us so many benefits. Easy to use, the absolute best vapour quality, and build quality is outstanding!
Mayhem 1/05/2015
worth the money
easy to operate, reliable and produces excellent results
joe 15/04/2015