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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer


Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

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Great first vape!
Best budget vape around. Simple and easy to use once you refine your draw technique. Still going strong after 6months of daily use. Friends of mine have had this unit for up to three years and are still getting good results.
A great first vape experience!
Travis 25/05/2015
Best vape
Such craftsmanship
very economic
much portable
Grv 11/05/2015
Batteries dont last
Find the batteries don't last long enough
ordinaryman 10/05/2015
Great little vape
This thing works just as it says. I really like the simple design and compact size.
blagblag 6/05/2015
A great machine with a few variables!
The MFLB is a great little handheld vaporizer, when I bought mine I also bought the Accesory Pack with it and couldn't be happier!

The vaping does, however, have some getting used to as it can heat up or cool down vary quickly depending on how much product you've placed inside and how fast/hard you are sucking.

Don't fret though! The kit thats sold here comes with a manual of sorts called the 'Flight Guide' in which they present different ways to vape with it.

Another great thing is the lack of smell and after not using the MFLB for only a short while it will start smelling like its wood finish again.

I recommend this for anyone that wants a nice portable vape they can load up and use at their discretion - the manual also shows you this ;)
D 10/04/2015
we love it
We love our new, smart looking, magic box and will be buying a couple more in the near future for travelling (one each).
Sally 30/03/2015
Has totally changed the way I enjoy my herbs at home and at parties. Couldn't be happier.
Dazzler 25/03/2015
It gets the job done!
It does the job perfectly for me. Compact and portable to take anywhere for discreet use if need be. First time I've used a vape and certainly not the last! Easy to use. Soft draws with a fine grind seems to be the configuration for me.
Super stoked now. Only inhaling the goodness ;+)
ozzysurfer 24/03/2015
Get the finishing grinder with it
If you want a relatively low-cost vaporiser to start with, this is it.

The design is marvellous, IMO the best looking vape out there. It's tiny, fitting easily in the palm. It's also discrete; it will only smell as much as your herb does and little to no visible vapour is produced. I've used mine everywhere. It just looks and feels right.

The technique takes a little bit to master; you have to use a very soft draw and know how to control the temperature by feel. But the LB is forgiving, you'll get the hang of it in no time.

Please get the finishing grinder with it. It requires a fine grind to operate well and some people dismiss it out of hand because they don't grind it well.

Such a great vaporiser, I think everyone should have one.
P120 23/03/2015
very happy
All good. Would recommend. I've had 2 other butane vaporizers and the launch box is better. It takes a little getting used to.
douchecanoe 12/03/2015