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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer


Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

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Not a bad place to start . . .
Entry price model with a lot of brand presence.

If you have the means jump straight to a more premium portable and be rewarded immediately for your extra investment in quality.

Otherwise, the MFLB is a bit of a toy when comparing control, vapour quality, efficacy etc.
But a fun toy nonetheless.

Be prepared to buy a quality battery charger and stock up on quality AA rechargeables.
JJ 1/02/2015
Best Value
The MFLB is one of the best portable vaporizers when it comes to the cost and functionality. Of course there are other vaporizers out there that can deliver better taste and more precise temperature control, but the MFLB gets the job done well and is significantly cheaper. If simplicity is what you want look no further.
bill 28/01/2015
great product
this is a great product, slight learning curve but practice makes perfect and the practice is really fun lol. , not always great in group situations but amazing for personal use, highly recommend getting extra batteries.
ausvapes got this to me in 2 days
Tony 8/01/2015
Very happy
I have owned a few vapes & this has changed my life! was a bit bumpy at first but once you get used to it, its the best :)
Warren 5/01/2015
Below average
This vaporiser is quite poor.

The only thing is has going for it is the price and the hype.

Do yourself a favour and purchase a proper vaprozier. The accent, pax or solo. Either one of them will blow this out of the water!!
Sam 6/12/2014
Way overpriced
Is this a joke? After reading 50 odd reviews, i decided to give it a go. Now I'm under the impression that people are either stupid or their herbs are 100000x stronger.

Do yourself a favor, pass on this one.

Pros: quick delivery- at my expense, so yeah it should be quick.

Cons: battery charger has very poor construction.
I could pass wind and get more out of my herbs than I did vaping threw this thing.Thanks Magic Flight for swindling me outta my hard earnt cash!
tism0p 26/11/2014
Great product with a fabulous design. Handcrafted vaporizer with unique aesthetics. Excellent in terms of smelling aromas and tasting flavours. Quality to price ratio is extremely high!
pythagoras 23/11/2014
Fantastic little discreet device
Fantastic little discreet device comes with everything necessary to use your herbs on the go anywhere anytime hassle free.. Best quality and value for money portable I have found and super small = super discreet..
Sam 20/11/2014
Excellent Product
Purchased two of these one for myself and one for a friend. Shipping was overnight. The vaporiser itself works amazingly. So well I have bought another!
Ed 18/11/2014
Really Really Good
A really nice little box with all the tricks, performs very well for the price. Once you try vaping you never go back!
James 26/10/2014