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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer


Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

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Amazing beginner vaporiser, highly recommended
I invite anyone who is looking into the MFLB to watch some videos on its operation. Get a feel for how the unit is and how it is operated.

-Beautiful intricate wooden and metal design which radiates craftsmanship.
-Discreet - it can easily be operated in public once you have the hang of how to take the best hits. Specifically, the use of the MFLB with your left hand will hide all but the bottom surface, making it seem like you are simply breathing into your fist. Obviously there will be a smell, which is something to factor into if you are considering using it in public.
-Quality - the vapour quality with the included batteries definitely packs a punch considering its price. The power adapter, however, takes the MFLB to a whole new level with clean and consistent vape without the hassles of charging a battery.

-Batteries need to be charged, and a fully charged battery will last 2-3 trenches. You are given two, but many find themselves buying a set of extra batteries.
-Combustion - there is definitely a technique involved. Holding the battery down without drawing on the MFLB will cause your material to combust, leaving black soot marks on your unit. It is best to avoid this if possible - the moment you taste smoke as opposed to vapour, you should empty out the trench ASAP onto a safe surface.
John 19/01/2016
Portability with design brilliance.
A beautifully crafted portable option that is well priced. To ensure maximum satisfaction, must use the MFLB finishing grinder. Love it.
Anthony 8/01/2016
Great ultra portable vape
The MFB is an ultra portable vaporiser. Only down side we found was it will chew through batteries. That aside it heats fast and is good to use. Getting to know how to use it is the key though, I think it is dependant on the user more than any other vaporiser.
Runcible 5/01/2016
awesome vape for a low budget.
So many accessories, great to show off with as well!

MFLB6969 30/11/2015
Super reliable
Had this little thing for three years now (bought from AV), it's really a great little unit. Super discreet, can easily be palmed and used very discreetly. Not very odiferous which is beneficial for those who need to vape stealthily. Vapour production isn't crazy compared to the more expensive vaporizers but for the size, it really does an awesome job. The Power Adapter kicks up the unit a notch, but it works great with a fresh pair of batteries too!

Great vape to start out with! Durable, light, discreet, been using it without a hiccup for three years now :)
H 12/11/2015
Best Vape ever.
Beautiful yet simple design, very nice size, easy to use, after a little getting used to. Amazing.
Jon Snow 12/11/2015
Coolest vape ever.
Very good vape, works well for tobacco as well as herb.

A power adapter is necessary, the device works way better with one.
Jesus 11/11/2015
Bang for buck
Great performer on a budget, never let me down. Great vapor production and consistency when paired with power adapter
benjamin 2/11/2015
Very cool gadget. Healthier. My herbs tasted great.
Only problem was the batteries need charging for 4 hours.
Overall great product AAAAA+++++
Snugan 28/10/2015
It works wonders!
I am very pleased with how well this works!
Pillager 27/10/2015