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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer


Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

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Really Really Good
A really nice little box with all the tricks, performs very well for the price. Once you try vaping you never go back!
James 26/10/2014
Great Quality for the price
Really great quality for the price. It heats up extremely quickly and batteries last a bit longer than I expected from other reviews. Really solid, thanks Ausvapes!
moz 25/10/2014
Great buy,
Awesome value, really recommend it. Once you're used to it it's perfect
Cody 15/10/2014
I like it
Smoker 14/10/2014
Awesome portable vape
really awesome vape! discreet and small - bought it for my girlfriend and I to share, we both absolutely love it but she lives in another city so i think i will have to buy another one for myself :P
devo 10/10/2014
Awesome little vape
Works very well, have been using dried herbs with it, takes only a few seconds for the vapor to form and very easy on the lungs and throat. Would recommend to anyone starting out.
Evan 9/10/2014
Little to no vapour upon exhalation; perfect for stealth yo.
/Jesse 4/10/2014
Stealthy and value packed
Surprisingly small, even with my small hands. The variety of places you can get away with using this is just an absolute treat. You can't go wrong with the MFLB for your first foray into stealthy, portable vaping.
James 2/10/2014
It has helped me cut down immensely
Been smoking for awhile now, but after buying the magic flight launch box I have cut down the amount I use and I'm saving money.
Shaun 29/09/2014
Great value entry level portable vape
Great unit for the price
helped me fall in love with vapes
niles 28/09/2014