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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer


Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

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Great little portable vaporiser
This was my first vaporiser and I am very pleased with the product. It is very discrete and I really appreciate how it is handmade in the USA and that it is made out of sustainable wood.
PoonCoon 18/08/2015
Would recommend/10
Redcraze 17/08/2015
Awesome portable vape
First I'll say if you've been considering buying an MFLB for a while definitely buy one, it's well worth the purchase price.

Second, as other's have mentioned look up the different techniques online. I feel like those who aren't getting much out of this wonderful little device must not be using an effective technique, this is not the kind of device you can . It's pretty easy to use once you do choose a technique you like.

This vaporizer is amazing. Very effective results, good vapor production, smooth. The only downside is the batteries and the recharging of them (for regular users) which can be remedied with buying extras.
G. 13/08/2015
Tiny Wooden Paradise..
The best vape if you want to get intimate with the flowers. Cheap, Good looking and Life time warranty!!! Whaaa?? A must have for any Vape enthusiast.
Cheds 13/08/2015
Great starter.
Really good way to start off vaping. Can heat up the trench unevenly, resulting in the bottom being burnt, and the top being fresh. Other than that, great value for money. Would recommend buying an extra set of caps for another set of batteries. Also helps having a 4 battery charger instead of the 2.
D 6/08/2015
Awesome value for money
A little bit fiddly to use but after a couple of goes it works well. And I love that wood finish
Nige 28/07/2015
Flight initiated!
This is an awesome little gadget for vaping on the go! So stealth and economical. Takes some practice - I reccomend the "micro-hit" or sipping method. Always try to use freshly charged batteries. Your grind has to be super fine and bone dry. Dont forget to tumble your trench after every hit. I dont use the pyrex pipe, that way I can feel the temp of the vapor. A bit tricky to share with noobs, however ounce you learn the vape method its a great little gadget to hand around. The finnish is nice and solid, with a clean and natural appearance. The design doesn't look like a science experiment or a tazer, so it isn't intimidating to first timers. Ive tried a number of vaporizers, portable and tabletop, and this is my favourate. Larger and more complex vaporizers might produce more vapor, however this little guy has no problems making the most from a trench.
JayJay 21/07/2015
Good overall experience
My first vap and I would say feedback here has accurately described the experience and performance of this product. Very happy.
Mr Nobody 9/07/2015
Excellent value for money.
Once the right technique is found this box is a wonder for it's price.
GegGot 23/06/2015
Fantastic Product
Works great. Easy to use. Highly recommended.
Mr Zip 18/06/2015