Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer


Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

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Great little vape
Compact and durable with an unbeatable warranty. It gets you where you want to go easily and quickly.
James 17/10/2016
great litlle portable
little bit of a learning curve when new, but a great portable and excellent warranty.
starr 12/10/2016
Neat little device
It's a neat little device with a great design. Produces quality vapes but I don't think the batteries hold their charges very well. Nevertheless it's a good purchase for this price range. If you're willing to spend a bit more, I'd highly recommend the Pax 2, which I've now upgraded to.
Ms Mushie 17/09/2016
I think this is one of the best vapes out there for a resonable price. Knowing how to use it makes the ultimate difference in using it to its fullest. Highly recommend to everyone plus using australian vaporisers for their deals
Afer 29/08/2016
Awesome vape
This thing is great. Very stealthy, efficient, and the vapor has a nice taste. I put off this purchase for some time, and had a vapor genie for a while, but this is worth every dollar. Only regret is not purchasing a couple of extra batteries - I'll run through at least one battery during the evening, and they take a good 6 hours to charge, so if you forget to put them on the charger, you're out of luck.
Amanita 26/08/2016
great first portable vape
great first vape, simple operation with a slight learning curve to get the most out of it.

Mine seemed to have started to lose heating power after 5~ months of regular use
brucey 22/08/2016
Simply the most convenient, best vape.
This thing is great.

It's absolutely tiny. I mean, size of a matchbox tiny.

It produces great, flavourful hits, and it's on demand so you can just have what you need.

The kit has everything you need to get started.

I love mine. Would buy again in a heartbeat, but I don't need to because they have a lifetime warranty!
Alex 20/08/2016
love it
One of my favorite vaps. Does require a technique, so have had some first times not so happy till they work it out. The backup battery's i bought gives a better vap than the ones that came with it, think they are a bit higher capacity? Also their finishing grinder that connects straight into the trench is a must, and i reckon that it should be sold as part of the kit.
beetle 17/08/2016
Great vape
Great little vape
Cat 15/08/2016
Awesome product. Have been using these for years now and never let me down.
Pete 2/08/2016