Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer


Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

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100% good
inpainpapi 25/07/2016
Fun little vape
Great little vape. Works excellent, super stealthy and built well!
Danky 22/07/2016
Great little product! Easy to use once you get the hang of it!!
con 19/07/2016
Fantastic little vapo!!!!
Best value for money!
Highly recommended
Trek 13/07/2016
Nice little vape
This is very nice little vape. Very portable, really efficient on herb. Lots of cool accessories that can go with it. There was a very small learning curve but i now really like being in full control of the heat.
Adding a whip to this thing is really good as you can see and shake the trench which lets you get really nice rips and clouds.
Would defiantly recommend.
VOID 12/07/2016
If you want an 'on demand' mod, then this is a great starting place. Its so oddball, yet it works, and works well. The design of this unit is pure genius. Its so, so simple and uncomplicated. All the hallmarks of a great product. I love mine.
Stephen 20/06/2016
Great little portable
Battery life doesn't last long
Bella 20/05/2016
Awesome little piece
Tiny, stealthy, kicks like a mule and you can eat what's left. What's not to like? The wood looks awesome too.
Jhamal 11/05/2016
Just buy one you won't regret it!
I ordered the Walnut version of the MFLB and it is gorgeous but we both know I didn't buy it to stare at it. The MFLB is so easy to use but I must insist that you buy the power supply from Magic Flight since Australian Vaporizers don't have any in stock. Charging batteries every day is rather annoying which is why I got the power supply and it works far better than batteries just be careful as you can combust far easier. I would recommend the MFLB to anyone looking to vape to save their lungs. It took some getting used to but I love the clear headed effect it gives you in comparison to traditional methods.
Don 10/05/2016
Best value for money on the market
Fantastic little vape. Easy to use and produces the cleanest vapour I've ever tasted.

If you're buying this for home use, I reccomend purchasing the AC adapter (sold separately) as the batteries run flat in about 1.5 trenches.
Smith 5/05/2016