Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer


Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

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Very nice natural looking box. You really don't need more.
bark 1/05/2016
Very clear headed experience.
Lovely tin it all comes in and a very interesting manual.
Only thing is not sure what to do with the second charger that came with it.
Marty 1/05/2016
Excellent product. exactly what i wanted
Serge 30/03/2016
Great product, buy extra batteries
Love my MFLB, I recommend getting an extra set of batteries.
Will 17/03/2016
Better than I thought it would be.
Was sceptical as to how well this little device would work. But it does a great job; it doesn't hit you on the head like a sledge hammer. It slowly lulls you into a nice relaxed state. Discrete and portable are its strong points, but it is not the easiest to use, so read that excellent instruction manual.

Not made in China.... Hooray!

It’s all about the Love :)
Michael 11/03/2016
Fantastic vaporiser and brilliant service too
This is the creme de la creme of vaporisers. So portable and the handbook is so well thought out with all the info you could possibly need.
Brilliant immediate despatch and overnight delivery from Australian vaporizers too.
I highly recommend both the Magic Launch Box and Australian Vaporizers
PaulO 8/03/2016
I'm new to vaping but this MFLB is cool
Everything you need in a cool little tin the MFLB itself is tiny and quite simple to use especially for a noob like me. Had no problems so far the instruction booklet was helpful and quite detailed. It's my first vaporizer though so I'm sure I will move on to bigger and better in the future but it was a great price and so easy to use. love it.
BenRJK91 2/03/2016
My MFLB has just arrived.
Few ideas come along that really shake my world. I did not get excited when smart phones started appearing (now ubiquitous) and I have never been a fan of tattooing my entire body or eyeballs! So, when I first saw this simple device I could not believe just how well, 'simple' it really is. It has tuned my dry herb vaping on its head. When I got my hands on one, I was even more impressed with the minimal theme. Make a vaporiser that is so uncomplicated, it hurts.... It is so, so simple.

If you have not tried one, you need to grab one as soon as possible. Yes, it takes a bit of mastering initially, so follow the guides. I would suggest there are as many techniques developing out there as there are launch boxes sold. It's all part of the fun. Everyone will be different, although the rules MF provide are probably the best instruction you can get. It's clever and designed on a deceptively simple premise. Easy to operate, maintain and very safe to use. Few parts and not much adjustability. It's where you control this device to suit your own personal vaping without the need for a lot of checks and balances and fine adjustments. It has the ability to provide a satisfying vape with minimal fuss.

If you have battery anxiety, or 'your times up' blues, then fear not. This unit only springs into life when you want it to, conserving battery life and matching your pace. No rush, no hurry and extending your session for as long as you need to finish a bowl (trench in this case). It takes about 0.2-0.25g of herb, so expect a fairly lengthy session. It can be held in the palm of your hand and is so stealthy, no one will really know you are using it (probably). Simple materials in a very small package are part of the approach. It's easy to maintain and does not need constant vigilance. Just follow the guide on cleaning and maintaining and you can't go wrong.

So surprised by this thing, that I just can't put it down. So in awe of the makers and the solution design approach to herb vaporizers that this must be a new direction for the vaporising space. Can't wait to see what else they get up to in the future.
Stephen 28/02/2016
good unit, but 240v power adaptor never worked.
unit is great, but the batteries are poor quality, dont last very long. 240v adaptor never worked,
unit is simple and a joy to use, very easy.
steff 26/02/2016
This is a great little vape. Practice makes perfect when it comes to drawing on the mouth piece but once you figure it out- you will love it.
No Smoke 24/02/2016