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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer


Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

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Stealthy and value packed
Surprisingly small, even with my small hands. The variety of places you can get away with using this is just an absolute treat. You can't go wrong with the MFLB for your first foray into stealthy, portable vaping.
James 2/10/2014
It has helped me cut down immensely
Been smoking for awhile now, but after buying the magic flight launch box I have cut down the amount I use and I'm saving money.
Shaun 29/09/2014
Great value entry level portable vape
Great unit for the price
helped me fall in love with vapes
niles 28/09/2014
Effective, stealthy, affordable & well crafted
The control of air flow with the Launch Box is essential in obtaining vaporisation and preventing overheating the herb. The instruction booklet gives a good, detailed descriptions of the best methods to obtain optimum performance through controlled intake. The device can be comfortably held within one hand while it is being used so that it remains unobtrusive. Once the rate of intake is mastered there is very little odour and the full effect of the herb is enjoyed. With experience the collection of vapour on the inside of the lid acts as a signal to take the initial draw, and controlling intake to give a cool, gentle on the throat vape becomes second nature. I was surprised at how effective the Launch Box is and how little herb is required to give a satisfying and relaxing experience. Take note of the suggested methods of holding the Launch Box and avoid inadvertently covering the air opening at the back of the device which causes the vape to be hotter and courser and can lead to overheating.
Patrick 25/09/2014
Great little vape, perfect for vaping while out and about, so portable. MFLB are an outstanding company and make quality products. Little bit of a learning curve for getting the right technique but this is well explained in the manual that comes with the box.
Flightcontrol14 16/09/2014
Great Vape, Great price.
Very affordable for anyone looking to get into vaping. It also happens to be a very good vaporizer!

It's wooden body is lovely, compact and basically unbreakable. It's also got me into cooking with AVB.

A fantastic all round experience!
DP 31/08/2014
Hands down best portable vape.
Can't beat it. Had a few other brands of portable vapes and none have compared to the MFLB.
defekt 8/08/2014
Portable excellence
This unit is truly portable, fits in a purse or pocket and brilliant in its simplicity. I found the vapor a little harsh, but if that is the only trade off for the portability, this unit is well worth it.
dgpact 7/08/2014
Awesome little vaporiser
After lots of research I decided on the MFLB for my first vape and I am definitely not disappointed. I bought it with the PA 2.0 so can't comment on batteries as yet. All in all a great vape that does what it is meant to and is easy to use. Highly recommended.
Kaotikjezta 7/08/2014
Portable and very discreet.
Great product, found it to be very portable with its small size and has barely any smell when I use it.
Nathaniel 6/08/2014