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Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer

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Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer

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Vapolution Vaporizer

  • 1 x Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer Base
  • 2 x Medical Grade Whips
  • 1 x 12v Adapter
  • 2 x Glass Bowls
  • 2 x Retaining Washers
  • 1 x 220v Home Power Supply

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The Vapolution 2.0 is a versatile portable vaporizer and an excellent product for enjoying your herbs in virtually any setting.

The Vapolution vaporizer is the original glass-on-glass vaporizer, reknowned for the pure, great tasting vapor it creates. This vaporizer has been long in production, with the newest version, the Vapolution 2.0 recently introduced.

Quite unique from other vaporizers, this product features a variety of interchangeable vaporizing bowls that let you tailor the drawing method to the way you like best. The Vapolution features a glass on glass heating element to ensure it maintains the optimal vaporizing temperature throughout use and the hands-free whip attachment makes inhaling vapor a breeze.

With two fire walls the glass lined heating element warms up safely and quickly. The illuminated power switch and easy to use temperature control knob make for a very practical device. The Vapolution requires no grinding or stirring, simply break off a piece of herb and insert into the glass tube then place inside the Vapolution heater.

Our Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer is shipped with all essential items needed to work correctly. It has a US plug but we include a power adapter for use in Australia.

Includes 1 x Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer Base 2 x Medical Grade Whips 1 x Car Adapter 2 x Glass Bowls 2 x Retaining Washers 1 x 220v Home Power Supply
Country of Manufacture USA
Dimensions Height: 13cm | Diameter: 15cm
Weight 300g
Warranty Lifetime
Compatible With
Heat Source Glass Heater
Heat Up Time 3 - 5 Minutes
Temperature Range 20° - 254°C
Uses Per Charge No
Balloon Inflation System No
Instruction manual Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer Instruction Manual
FAQ Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer FAQ
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highly recommended
I love the vapolution 2.0, it does the job perfectly and saves my lungs. Have not used any other but am very satisfied. Definitely need to get the optional glass mouthpiece and also rubbing alcohol for cleaning, but is unbeatable value from an unbeatable customer focussed vendor.
anarcke 19/06/2013
Service & quality = satisfaction plus
I ordered on a thursday and got it friday lunchtime, the packaging was great, no chance of breakages there. Now the product, It hasn't faltered yet. I can leave it on for hrs without it overheating, It works well and gets the job done nicely.
Boscorp 8/11/2012
Great Vape
I been using vapolution for 4 years, it took a while to get the hang of as other have said. A trick I learned was to turn it sideways so your gear stays in the tube. Easier with the earlier model that was more cylindrical. It is definately worth the learning curve, glass on glass with a great taste and strong hit. Love this vape.
PoopFeast420 20/06/2012
first vapouriser i've ever tried
only vapouriser i have ever tried, simple, quick, and easy to use. takes a little bit to work the temperature setting out, after that your away.
angelscabwings 18/03/2012
Get a Buddha Instead!
Seriously for an extra $40 it is like 10 times better than this product.
Tommy 27/12/2011
Great Product
Great for the novice takes some fine tuning definately needs a glass mouth piece included :)
Healthy better tasting longer lasting COST EFFECTIVE
Stephen Mouat 8/09/2011
good once you get the knack of it
it took me a little while to get the hang of how to use it the right way. Learning was fun though! Its also good that it can be left on for hours and not risk buring out the element.
Personally what i didnt like was the shoddy power adaptor - i bought from an Australian store because i assumed that i would get a vaporiser that had the standard power plug. The adaptor included is loose and obviously cheap. This is a pity as i expect to get better quality for the price i paid.

salty 26/07/2011
great vape
This is a really solid vape with some nice features. There are a couple of things to get used to when you first start using it, but when you get used to it, it's awesome.

Bought it at exactly the same time as a vapor brothers so have been using both over the last month so had a good comparison.

Firstly, it's a good size, very stable, and sturdy. It isn't heavy. It heats up pretty quick, about five minutes. I usually crack it to max and then after five turn it back to 11-12 o'clock, and give it a minute to equalize. Initially i didn't turn it up hot enough, or didn't have the right 'draw' technique. This one requires more finese than the vapor brothers. You have to position the glass piece just off the bottom of hte element with the washer. I also give it a good 20 seconds sitting in there before i draw on it. And when i do draw, i go VERY slow, the slower the better, over as long a period of time as possible. This will guarantee you a great hit. The Vapolution 2.0 also has a really nice taste. I used it recently alongside my mates volcano and we all agreed the taste was nicer through vapolution.

The other thing i like about this is it's economical. You don't have to grind your stuff, i generally just pull a bit apart and then squeeze it in there so it won't fall out, and that way it gets good airflow.

For the price it's definitely unbeatable, has great taste, economical and works a treat hahahaha
Spartacus 30/04/2011
Happy customer
Just got the new vapolution 2.0, Ive spent the better part of the past week, testing it out, here are my thoughts on it.

First impression...I love it!. I like the look and feel of it. The vapor is EXTREMELY tasty, much better than my old way ;) It heats up quickly, fairly easy to use and it was definitely worth the price tag of $200.
I did have some trouble getting the friggin whip onto the glass tube, however I did what the instructions said and dipped it in boiled water and finally....... it got on there.

Second/ later impression.... Even though it definitely gives you the pure ‘glass on glass’ taste, it is somewhat hard to fill the bowl correctly...definitely takes some practice...there is the obvious benefit of not having to grind your herbs but i would prefer the consistency which is difficult to perfect...hoepfully ill get it soon

So yeah its great what can I say, id imagine it wouldnt be as good as the volcano...or consistent as some of the dearer models, but if youre wanting a cheap home vape definitely the pick!
Adli 31/01/2011