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Arizer air 2 vaporizer review

Posted by Joe Hoang on

Arizer Air II Logo

Arizer is one of the most well established brands in the vaporizer world, having a reputation for manufacturing simple yet effective vaporizers in the mid-level price range. Arizer is one of the more prolific manufacturers of new models, including the portable vaporizers the Arizer Solo 2 and the brand new Arizer ArGo, along with the desktop vaporizers the Extreme Q and the V-Tower. In this review, we will be providing a detailed look at the Arizer Air II, one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market right now, and one that we are very excited to be selling on the Australian Vaporizers site.

If you are wanting to buy the Air II, you can purchase this highly portable and reliable vape at the link below. If you’re still undecided, keep reading the rest of our impartial review.

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Arizer Air 2 Black


    Arizer Air 2 Overall Rating

    8.5 Rating


    Arizer have done a great job with this vaporizer and have certainly stepped up their game from the previous iteration, having made major improvements over the original Air. The Air 2 comes complete with a brand new display, which allows you to more clearly see your chosen heating and user settings, an extended battery life and improved air flow.

    Reduced Power-On Time

    Arizer has also been listening to its customers by solving issues commonly expressed by users which were affecting the original Air - one of the most welcome changes is the reduction of the power on and off time to 2 seconds. This had been cited as a major annoyance with the previous Air which took 6 seconds to power on and off.

    One disappointing element of the Air 2 was that the battery recharge time remained the same as previous versions, around 2.5 hours, but this is offset by the increased battery life, so you can understand why it has remained unchanged.

    Definitely Superior to the Arizer Air

    Other than that, it’s difficult to make any complaints about the Air 2 - with improved vapor quality, an easy to clean glass mouthpiece, and improved battery life, this is certainly a superior unit to the Arizer Air. Furthermore, all this comes at a very reasonable price point, especially compared to the likes of the Crafty and the Davinci IQ which are similar sized devices.

    Arizer Deliver Great Value

    The only reason why the Arizer Air II has not received a higher rating is because it still does not reach the performance levels of the likes of the Mighty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel, and it is not quite as portable as the PAX models or the DaVinci IQ. Also, the heat-up time is somewhat limiting, especially when you compare the Boundless CF’s 15 second heat-up time with the Air 2’s +1 minute. Despite this, when you take into account the reasonable price point of the Air II (AU$309.95 at the time of writing), this vape can certainly be considered great value.

    Simplified Approach is Refreshing

    Nowadays, many portable vapes boast an array of features, from customised heating profiles to bluetooth connectivity and even minigames (thanks PAXLabs), but Arizer are refreshing in their approach by focusing on what you really buy a vaporizer for - vaping.



    Compact design.

    Takes a while to heat up (over a minute)

    Highly portable - fits in the pocket.

    No haptic feedback.

    Simple and easy to use.

    Still takes about 2 ½ hours to fully charge.

    Interchangeable battery.

    Glass stem is prone to breaking eventually.

    New LED display.

    Improved battery life (7 10-minute sessions)

    Micro-USB Charging Port

    Very easy to clean

    Two-year Warranty

    Design and Build Quality

    8.5 Rating

    The design and build quality of Arizer products tend to be very high, and the Air II is no exception. The Air 2 is made from high quality solid materials which are known to work effectively. The weight of the vape is just right, feeling solid in the hand but not overly heavy, with a sturdy shell which provides some level of protection. The glass stem is prone to breakage, but they are cheap to replace and the Air II comes with a replacement.

    Minor Improvements in Design

    For owners of the old Air, the first thing you will notice is the packaging upgrade, with a nicely designed box and a magnetized lid to make the unboxing experience that more enjoyable, meaning you can now afford to shoot your unboxing YouTube video in HD ;) Once you carefully extract the Air 2 from it’s beautiful home, it is evident that Arizer haven’t felt the need to change the design too much. The only difference you’re likely to notice is the new display, which eliminates the guesswork when it came to adjusting temperature on the old vape, a very welcome addition.

    When it comes to materials, the vapour path (heating chamber) is a stainless steel, and the stem is made of glass - fairly standard vaping practice. The exterior of the Air 2 is an anodized aluminium which is not too heavy, but robust nonetheless. The replaceable battery is heavy, which provides the Air II with some much-needed weight. There is not too much difference between the original and the Air II, but some minor changes have improved the vape over its predecessor.

    Arizer Air II Glass Stem

    Functionality and Ease of Use

    Rating 9

    The Air 2 scores so highly on functionality and ease of use due to it being very easy to clean and even easier to use. The simplicity of design and addition of the added LED display make precision temperature control effortless and your vaping experience straightforward and hassle-free. The lack of frills is perhaps this vape’s greatest strength, but some users will be put off by the inability to set their own heating profile or connect with their mobile phone, however, for most users, this will not even be a consideration.

    Arizer’s Vapes are Always Easy to Maintain

    One thing to be said for the Air 2 is that it is very easy to maintain and clean - with the herb being packed into the bottom of the glass stem rather than directly into the heating chamber, like most other vapes, all you need do when the stem gets clogged is to drop it into a glass of isopropyl alcohol for an hour or so. This will clear the airflow path and leave the glass stem as good as new.

    Less is More?

    In terms of ease of use, the fact that there are no frills with this vape make it a bit of a relief from the usual array of somewhat unnecessary added features that come along with many devices these days. This makes the Air 2 a great option for newcomers to the vaping scene, who aren’t too concerned with advanced heating profiles or Bluetooth connectivity. In actual fact, many vaping veterans may appreciate this approach too. The addition of the LED display, as mentioned before, makes using the vape even easier.

    Having said this, the heating profiles which are available on other vapes can enhance the user experience, and no-one is forced to use these profiles. This could therefore be considered off-putting for some users, but many will not be fussed about this when choosing their ideal vaporizer.

    Arizer Air 2 Complete Kit Contents

    The Arizer Air 2 comes with the following components in addition to the vaporizer itself:

    • 1 x Glass Mouthpiece
    • 1 x Glass Mouthpiece with Plastic Tip
    • 1 x Potpourri Dish
    • 2 x Pre-fill Caps
    • 1 x Micro-USB Cable and Wall Adaptor
    • 1 x Carry Case


    Arizer Air 2 Kit

    Heating and Battery Charge

    Rating 7

    This is the area where, unfortunately, the Arizer Air II falls down to the greatest extent. Although the battery life has been improved significantly, with the Air II now able to last for about 7 x 10 minute sessions at around 180℃, the charge time is still relatively long at 2.5-3 hours. Compare this with the PAX 3 which can charge in roughly half the time, Arizer still has some way to go to catch up. Having said this, the replaceable battery goes some way to alleviating this issue. Another major disappointment is the slow heat up time. It takes the Air II over a minute to heat up, which isn’t ideal if you want to stealthily grab a toke out in public, at a concert or a sporting event for example.

    Heat Up Time Could Be Improved

    One area where you would expect the Air 2 to have been an improvement over the original was with regard to heat up time - unfortunately, this has remained the same. The Boundless CF is able to heat up in 15 seconds, which is remarkable for a device priced under $150, while the Air 2, at twice the price, takes at least four times as long as the CF to heat up. This should really have been addressed. The portability of the device takes a bit of a hit when you have to wait over a minute to reach the desired temperature and also impairs the ability to be discreet. In most situations, this shouldn’t be an issue, but nevertheless, there will be some situations where you would wish Arizer had done something to improve in this area.

    Long Life Battery but Similar Charge Time

    Arizer’s inability to reduce the charge time on the new device is understandable given that the battery life of the device has been increased to such an extent. The Air 2 now features a replaceable 3400mAh lithium battery which will provide you with an additional two 10-minute sessions when compared with the original Air. Having said this, given the rapid improvements other vaporizers have made in the last year or so, it is slightly disappointing the charge time was not reduced slightly.

    On a positive note, the move to a micro-USB port means that is much more convenient to charge the Air 2, and can even be used with power banks, improving its portability. The device can also be used while charging, although there must be at least some charge in the vape for this to work.  

    Vapour Quality and Efficiency

    Rating 8.5

    Without a doubt one of the most impressive attributes of the Air 2 is the quality of the vapour produced. Arizer is renowned for vapour quality and each new release has improved on the previous model’s ability to deliver cool, powerful vapour streams. The Air 2 is no different, which is impressive given the level of vapour quality provided in the first Air. The efficient use of herb is also impressive, and it can be safely said that this is one of the best portables when it comes to both vapour quality and efficiency. The only complaint is that the amount of material you can put in the glass stem is limited to .15g which, for the heavier vapers, may not be enough. Having said this, you can always load up for a follow-up session :)

    If the great features of the Air 2 have you wanting more, you can purchase this vaporizer from the link below. 

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