Arizer Air Vaporizer Review

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Arizer Air Vaporizer Review

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The Arizer Air vaporizer was a much-anticipated follow up to the popular Arizer Solo. Made in Canada by Arizer, the Air is a smaller, more pocket friendly version of the Solo with the same simple operation and superb performance. Keep reading for a full Arizer Air vaporizer review that covers vapour quality, portability, battery life and ease of maintenance.

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Arizer Air Vaporizer Review:

The Arizer Air is an excellent portable vaporizer. With the convenience of user-replaceable batteries, the Air is extremely simple and user-friendly. Much like it’s older sibling, the Solo, the Arizer Air is built for performance.

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Vapour Quality:

The Air produces high quality and nice tasting vapour. However, it can be hot to draw from at high temperatures. To fix this, some users like to use the longer Solo stems with their Air for better cooling capacity.


The Air is a small unit that stands at around 12.2cm high and 2.9cm in diameter. Although it is pocket-friendly, the glass stems can inhibit portability, making the Air not quite as portable as other small units like the Crafty or the Pax 2. It is recommended to use a protective case if taking your Air out of the house.

Battery Life:

The Arizer Air has decent battery life for a portable vaporizer. You can expect 3-5 sessions per charge, depending on use. A flat battery doesn’t mean you have to stop vaping, as the Air’s battery can easily be changed with a spare. It also has passthrough capability, so you can use it while plugged in.

Ease of Maintenance:

The Arizer Air is very easy to clean and maintain. The herb chamber is very easy to access, and the glass stem can be easily soaked in Isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt. The only parts you can expect to replace frequently are the mesh mouthpiece screens, or your glass stems if you happen to be clumsy!

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