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Arizer go 'argo' vaporizer review

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After the success of their portable Solo and Air models as well as the Solo 2 and Air 2 upgrades, Arizer has stepped up their game with the new Arizer 'ArGo' dry herb vaporizer.

The ArGo (Short for Arizer Go) is the newest edition to the Arizer family. A portable, high-performance vape featuring the same technology as the Arizer Solo 2 and Arizer Air 2, all in a smaller and more travel-friendly package that fits right in the palm of your hand.

Ok, so maybe it's not the smallest portable vaporizer – especially when you look at the DaVinci IQ or the Pax 3 – but it’s not far off at all. The Argo is everything you love about the previous Arizer models, condensed into a tiny, self-contained form-factor.




Design and Build Quality


Durable and Discrete

While the previous Air and Solo models are also portable devices, the far more discreet design of the Argo makes it the most desirable choice for incognito use out of the Arizer line-up so far.

Made from high-quality, durable stainless steel with a protective rubber coating, the Argo is built to last. Measuring 1 in x 2 in x 3.5 inches and weighing in at approximately 93 grams, the Argo is perfectly pocket sized and still packs a punch. The design is both hefty and durable but still discreet, making it the perfect dry herb vaporizer for taking out and about.

Another amazing feature of the Argo is the push lid, and hidden glass stem. Made from the same borosilicate glass as previous Arizer vaporizers, the stem fits deep into your vaporizer while staying protected by this innovative shroud. Simply press the button on the side of your device to activate the retractable lid, which protects your glass mouthpiece and keeps your device discreet. This feature is a huge step up from the previous Arizer models like the Solo and the Air, that require more fiddly assembly and larger exposed glass stems – not exactly the most discreet models for outdoor use.

One thing to keep in mind with the glass stem, is that it might be a bit tricky to install for the first few uses. This is something that appears across Arizer’s other portables, so if you've used one of those devices before you'll be familiar with this process. Let your device heat up for about ten minutes before you try and insert the stem for the first time. Don't worry if you experience some resistance – after a few uses, this process will become much smoother and soon you'll be able to insert and remove the glass stem with ease.

Heating and Battery Power


Big Where It Counts

The Argo is powered by the same user-replaceable battery as the Air 2, so you get that increased charge capacity in comparison to some other models. The Argo takes about 3 hours to fully charge, and the battery lasts for about 90 minutes of continuous use (depending on your preferred temp of course) – that’s longer than the original Air! The Argo also features pass-through charging, from an initial charge of about 20 minutes.


Functionality and Ease of Use


Easy to Operate

Another great feature of the Argo is the user-friendly LED monitor and menu operation. This has become the norm for Arizer’s portable line up since the release of the Solo 2. With the easily accessible interface you can customise your device to your own preferences – like adjusting the power-on delay (the quickest being 2 seconds). You can also adjust your temperature format to either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Additionally, you can customize beep volume, display brightness, and the auto shut off timer (which ranges between 5 and 15 minutes).

The Argo also features a heat up notification beep (with independently adjustable volume) which lets you know the moment your unit has reached the set temp. This was definitely a welcome addition.


Vapor Quality and Efficiency


Signature Arizer Performance

Now, while sturdiness and battery power are all well and good, most would agree that vapour quality is the most important factor. Arizer's standard of vapor quality across all its models is exceedingly high, and thanks to its efficient heating chamber / element, the Argo provides the same high-quality, pure vapor as you'll get in the Solo 2 and Air 2 models.

Now it doesn’t provide quite as much cooling capacity as it’s bigger brothers, but depending on your preferred temperature, this shouldn’t really be a problem. With that being said, if you’re after a vape for heavy group use, you may be better off going for the Solo 2 or perhaps even a desktop unit.

The concealed stem relieves any worry about breakage that you get with the Air and Solo models, and the battery capacity is just as strong. The Argo is covered under a two-year warranty, and a lifetime warranty for the heating element alone. All in all, the Arizer Go is everything you love about the previous Arizer models, just condensed into an efficient little palm-friendly device.

As mentioned above, Arizer Go 'ArGo' might not be the smallest portable vaporizer but it is everything you love about the previous Arizer models, condensed into a tiny, self-contained form-factor. 

Arizer - Better by design  

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