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Arizer solo vaporizer review

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Arizer solo vaporizer review

The Arizer Solo portable vaporizer has been a popular favourite for many years. Released in 2011 by Arizer, the Solo has a long reputation for being one of the best and most reliable portables on the market. This full Arizer Solo vaporizer review covers vapour quality, battery life, and everything in between!

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Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review:

The Arizer Solo has been around for a while. Released in 2011, it is not a new vaporizer by any means, but it has been a popular choice in handheld vaporizers for many years. Best for at-home use, the Arizer Solo is still a unit that we recommend on a daily basis for its simple operation, easy cleaning and great value for money.

Vapour Quality:

The Arizer Solo produces good quality, clean tasting vapour. While vapour produced by the Solo is not as thick or dense as a top tier portable like the Mighty, it is still great tasting and superb quality for this price point. The Solo does have a hard draw resistance that can bother certain users. This has been incorporated on purpose to improve vapour production and battery life. In our experience, most people have no issues with this, but it is something to consider if you have poor lungs or prefer an easy draw.

Arizer solo vaporizer Australia


The Solo is built for pure performance and vapour production. This unfortunately inhibits portability, as the bulky size and glass stem can make it tricky to take with you out of the house. If you are looking for a portable that’s small and discreet, the Solo probably isn’t for you. The Solo is really well suited to at-home use, particularly for users who prefer a handheld unit over a large plug-in vaporizer. The newer Arizer Air features all the best parts of the Solo in a smaller package that is more portable.

Battery Life:

The Arizer Solo runs on a large internal Lithium battery and provides great battery life. One full charge should provide around 5-7 12 minute sessions* depending on your temperature setting and draw technique. This averages out to about an hour of continuous use per charge, which is pretty standard for a higher quality portable. The Solo can also be used while charging, which is a huge plus! If the Solo dies while in use, simply plug it in to the charger and keep vaping. The Solo’s internal battery can also be replaced if it starts to deplete with normal wear and tear.

*Please note that battery life estimates are only a guide. There are a lot of factors that will affect your vaporizer’s battery life.

Ease of Maintenance:

The Arizer Solo is incredibly easy to keep clean. Aside from the great vapour quality, the ease of use and maintenance is one of the best things about the Solo. The glass stem and mesh screens can simply be soaked in Isopropyl alcohol when they need a clean. The position of the heating chamber makes it very easy to access. Brushing it out with a cleaning brush every few uses should be enough to keep the chamber clean. For more heavy duty cleaning, a cotton swab with some iso alcohol can be used to wipe residue from the stainless steel chamber.


Overall, the Arizer Solo is an excellent mid range portable vaporizer for regular at-home use. For more information on the Arizer Solo, click here.

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