Best Vaporizers for the Great Outdoors

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Vaping and camping

If you like to vape close to nature, then you need a robust unit with fewer electronics that can survive as long as you can in the great outdoors. Battery powered vaporizers are great, but you don’t always have a power source nearby when you’re getting in touch with your inner naturalist. Where once you may have just used combustion, there are now a range of vaporizers on the market that don’t rely on electronics, so you can still get down with nature while…..getting down with nature.

If you’re in need of a new camping, hiking or fishing buddy, then read on to see how our range of non-electronic portable vaporizers stack up against the trials and tribulations of the wild.

The Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

Okay, so it’s not a completely unplugged vaporizer. The Magic Flight Launch Box uses rechargeable Glyph batteries that can be juiced up and taken with you fully charged. The MFLB comes with two of these but you can buy any amount of spares to suit your needs, so you’ll always have a fully-charged replacement on hand when your current battery runs out. Perfect for shorter trips, two batteries should get you through a night by the campfire.

The Launch Box itself is incredibly sturdy, with a wooden body and acrylic lid that swings out for easy access to the mesh trench inside. The draw stem is also made of tough acrylic, with a wooden version also available, so you won’t have to worry about any fragile parts getting broken in your pocket or bag. If by chance your stem does somehow break along the way, you can always hit the box Native!

The MFLB is also incredibly tiny, about the size of a matchbox, and will take up such little room in your backpack that you may even forget it’s there. Even with spare batteries, a draw stem, and a small stash of herbs, the Launch Box is super lightweight and extremely portable. There’s also a range of storage options available to keep everything together in one small container, including the Magic-Flight tin (included with the unit) and MFLB battery cases that hold two spare batteries. If you need a more robust storage case, Kush Kaddies or the RYOT range of smell-safe pouches will hold all of your components safely inside with the added bonus of protective padding and disguising odours. For a truly bulletproof case, the custom made Magic Flight VapeCase has an incredibly tough, hard outer shell and thick padding that won’t let anything in or out.

The VaporGenie

Vaporgenie Vaporizer

Another well-loved favourite, the VaporGenie range of vaporizers requires nothing but the flame from a lighter to vaporize your herbs. Designed like a typical combustion pipe, this little vaporizer fits ergonomically in your hand and heats your herbs without combustion, despite the fact it uses flame as a heat source. The VaporGenie is designed in two parts: the first part is a typical pipe with a bowl and screen, where you load your herbs, and a spherical top piece with a hole in the middle. This top piece is where all the good stuff happens. It contains a ceramic heat filter with hundreds of tiny holes that let the heat from your lighter through to vaporize your herbs.

The unit itself is made of solid wood that’s been sanded down and treated with a food-safe varnish. Absolutely no harsh plastics or glues are used in the Vapor Genie’s construction,  with all components being food safe with a high heat rating, so you won’t have to worry about any harmful byproducts leaching into your vapour. The sturdy wooden construction means the VaporGenie is another vaporizer that can stand up to some hard wear and tear. It also looks great, with a wide range of different colours, styles and finishes available, which include a classic walnut hand carved version, and aluminium pipes and bats.

To use the VaporGenie, simply load your herbs into the bowl at the bottom, screw on the top piece, and use your lighter to heat around the edges of the hole. For best results, moving the flame continuously around the perimeter of the filter distributes heat evenly around the bowl, so you’re not just vaporizing half your herbs at one time.

Butane Vaporizers: The WISPR and the iolite

Wispr Vaporizer powered by butane gas

Butane vaporizers are great for those times away from civilisation. No matter where in the world you are, all you need to vape until your heart’s content is a can of Butane gas (available from hardware stores or Super Cheap Auto) and a little herb! We stock two Butane vaporizers; the Iolite vaporizer and the WISPR 2 vaporizer, both made by Irish manufacturer Oglesby & Butler. These two vaporizers are extremely similar in design and use, with the WISPR 2 being a newer version of the iolite with a few extra features thrown in, including a viewing window that shows how much Butane you have left.

Despite what many people may think when they hear the word “Butane,” these vaporizers don’t have a torch lighter inside. They contain an iolite catalytic converter that extracts the heat from purified Butane gas with maximum efficiency and exhausts the fumes out the side of the unit. Don’t worry, the air path you inhale from is completely separate and safe, so you’re not actually inhaling Butane!

Both these units are hardy and discreet, and will surely stand up to a weekend camping trip away or a day out in the wilderness.

Safe Keeping

It’s one thing to have a portable vaporizer you can take away, but how do you store it conveniently and safely so it doesn’t get damaged during the journey? We have a number of storage solutions for your unit and herbs that are compact, lightweight and will keep odours sealed tightly inside so you won’t be stinking out your bag or your car.<7p>

Smell-safe cases like the RYOT smell safe series and the Kush Kaddie come in a variety of different sizes and are perfect for storing your vaporizer, herbs, and other accessories such as small screens and cleaning brushes which are easily lost. These cases are specially designed to protect your goods and lock in odours, making them safe, durable and discreet ways to take your belongings with you on an adventure. Of course, if you need something REALLY sturdy, the VapeCase series of hard shell cases are rock solid and built to take the toughest abuse.

Ryot Stash case

The RYOT protective hardcase series features activated carbon absorption technology, where microscopic particles are fused together to form an odour protective barrier. The hard outer shell will also protect your things from damage.

But what about your favourite herbs? We have the perfect solutions to keep them protected as well! Tough storage containers like the Tightvac or an aluminium stash case won’t break and create an airtight seal to minimise odours. They also keep your herbs protected from sunlight, so they can stay fresh even if your container is exposed to the elements. If you’re going to be exposed to weather extremes, a Boveda Humidipak thrown in with your herbs will help regulate humidity in your storage container to keep the environment around your herbs consistent in rain, hail, or sunshine.

Magic Flight stash box

If a herb container takes up too much room for your needs, there’s always odour disguising baggies, like Smelly Proof and Stink-In bags that will keep moisture out and odours in. Available in a range of sizes, these bags are also incredibly useful for all those other smelly, dirty things that you acquire on a camping trip, like rubbish, dirty laundry, and wet shoes!

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