Boundless CFV vs Flowermate Swift Pro Vaporizer Comparison

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Boundless CFV vs Flowermate Swift Pro

 Max compares two nearly identical vaporizers, the Boundless CFV and the Flowermate Swift Pro. Are these units different only in name, or are there other key differences between them? Watch the video and keep reading for a full breakdown.

The Boundless CFV vs Flowermate Swift Pro Vaporizer Comparison

boundless vaporizer vs flowermate vaporizer

Full Convection Heating

The Boundless CFV and Flowermate Swift Pro both provide full convection heating and fully isolated air paths. These units feature a ceramic heating element and air intake through the bottom of the unit that is completely isolated from the internal electronics. The heat coverage is very even inside these units, and both produce very comparable vapour results with great flavour. It does seem though that these units are not as efficient as previous iterations of the Boundless and Flowermate vaporizer range. 

Build Quality

In appearance, the Boundless CFV and the Swift Pro look very similar. They are both pocket friendly and take obvious design inspiration from the Crafty by Storz & Bickel. Out of the two units, the CFV does seem to have slightly better build quality and more thoughtful design with a side-facing charge port and more sturdy base. The Swift Pro’s LED screen is noticeably dimmer than the CFV, making it harder to see your temperature settings and battery life. This isn’t a huge problem, and could actually be considered a positive for users looking to be discreet.

One of the bigger issues with the design of these units is that the air path isn’t completely accessible for cleaning. This can lead to build up that’s hard to remove and cause issues with airflow, taste/performance and lingering odours.


The CFV and the Swift Pro offer identical operation. Both units power on with 5 presses of the power button and offer full digital temperature control via the LED screen on the side of the unit. Heat up time is exactly the same, clocking in at just 30 seconds, but it’s best to wait up to a minute before taking your first draw.

Full convection units such as these require a fine grind consistency to offer the best performance. Unfortunately, it seems the CFV is not as efficient with smaller amounts of herb as the previous CF and CFX, so it is recommended to fill the chamber. A full pack and fine grind is also recommended for the Swift Pro.

Neither the CFV or the Swift Pro will produce thick vapour results, so it seems vapour production is not a strong point of either unit. This is mainly due to the full convection heating, with the massive advantage that these units produce exceptional flavour. While vapour may be on the thinner side, the taste is perfectly pure. For the CFV, this is a big improvement to the CF and CFX, which are known to produce a slight plastic taste.

Airflow is also great in both of these units, though there does seem to be slightly less draw resistance in the Swift Pro. When using either of these units, it’s also recommended to stir your herb to ensure even vaporization.

Battery life in the CFV and Swift Pro is quite poor, offering around 30 minutes of continuous use (or 3-4 10 minute sessions) and charge time can take over two hours. 

 battery life in boundless cfv

Removable Chamber Rings

Both these units incorporate removable heating chamber rings made of various materials. This supposedly allows the user to control the flavour and quality of their vapour, as well as the overall heat coverage inside the chamber. Both vaporizers come stock with one glass insert and three different types of wood.


Maintenance requirements for these units are similar to the Boundless CF and CFX, and the Storz & Bickel Mighty and Crafty. Build up inside the mouthpiece assembly will be a concern, and regular cleaning of the top piece is recommended to maintain airflow and performance. The entire mouthpiece assembly comes apart for easy cleaning, and all stainless steel parts can be soaked in Isopropyl.

The inside of the plastic mouthpiece assembly can be wiped out with some Isopropyl on a cotton bud, but should not be soaked as the alcohol will damage the rubberised exterior. The screens in both these units are a drilled steel plate rather than a mesh, so they are not prone to fraying and won’t clog as easily. Screens can be soaked in Isopropyl and re-used.

There’s not much in the way of consumable parts, so as long as these units are taken care of you shouldn’t need to spend too much on replacement parts. All in all, the CFV and the Swift Pro are easy to clean but they are not as low maintenance as some other portables (see: the Arizer Solo/Air.)

The Verdict

The Boundless CFV and the Swift Pro are so similar that it’s extremely difficult to say whether one is better than the other. All things considered, the CFV gets our vote for it’s more robust build and side charging port. Branding aside, the CFV and Swift Pro are the same vaporizer with all the same features, and both are backed by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty for piece of mind.

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