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Counterfeit guide: the magic flight launch box

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How to spot a fake Magic Flight Launch Box Vape

The Magic Flight Launch Box is another one of those popular vaporizers often imitated and reproduced on-the-cheap, though unlike the Pax, the copies are usually easy to spot.

The fakes may be obvious but that certainly doesn’t stop consumers from being tempted by their similar design and lower price point. A cheap knock-off may cost you less, but it comes at a greater price to your health and your vaporizing experience. Not only are most MFLB counterfeits proven to not heat up and vaporize effectively, but they’re often badly made with shoddy workmanship and cheap materials that pose a hazard to your health.

The Sainsation (Direct Copy)

Real vs Fake Magic Flight Vape

Chinese manufacturer Sainsation is responsible for this direct copy that looks like an authentic MFLB but is anything but. Make no mistake, the Sainsation may look the same but it is poorly made, doesn’t heat correctly, and is made from low grade materials that may not have been approved for use at high heat. You never know what you could be inhaling from a cheap fake, and the Sainsation is no exception.

You’re most likely to encounter this direct rip-off on eBay, probably masquerading as an authentic Launch Box. The listing may even show Magic-Flight’s own images of the real Launch Box, but the vaporizer they send you is just an imposter.

Tell-tale signs that give this faker away include a poorly fitted screen, rough workmanship that leaves traces of sawdust, an ill-ftting plexiglas lid, no serial number and a misspelled word on the back of the unit. The performance of this counterfeit is very sub-par when compared to an authentic launch box. It doesn’t even get close to the optimal vaporizing temperature experienced with the MFLB and is likely to yield very poor vapour results.


One of the biggest concerns about the Sain Sation copy is that it is made in China by poor quality materials and is not subject to the same rigorous quality control. Many Chinese counterfeit vaporizers carry this risk, as the materials used are often not rated for use at high heat and can therefore leach toxins and impurities into your vapour. Perhaps the biggest hazard is the bad workmanship, as these copies are known to have loose shavings and sawdust particles everywhere which could be dangerous if inhaled.


The Sain Sation clone falls extremely short of the MFLB’s performance. The graph below shows the Sain Sation doesn’t even come near to reaching the same temperature as a genuine Launch Box, and therefore doesn’t vaporize effectively.

Spotting a fake MFLB Vape

Fake vs real MFLB Getting a genuine vape fake MFLB Vapes

The Sain Sation (Own Brand)

Sainsation actually have two models of fake MFLB that they sell; the direct copy above, and one called the Sain Sation branded with their own name and logo. The two are very similar in appearance and function, and have exactly the same issues in construction and performance.

Fake Sain sation vape

Even in this picture you can see that the screen is poorly installed and the plexiglas lid is the wrong size and doesn’t sit flush with the unit.

beware of fake vapes

Sain Sation’s own brand vaporizer has the same badly fitted screen that is poorly bonded to the metal heating rails. Don’t expect to enjoy anything you put in here.

beware of fake MFLB vapes in Austrlia

sain station fake vapes online

Terrible workmanship leaves loose shavings and sawdust which could potentially be inhaled.

watch out for fake MFLB vapes

The click lock on this box is on the opposite side as a genuine Launch Box and is also too large, causing the lid to gape.

Fake accessories of MFLB vape

Sain Sation also includes off market imitations of the MFLB’s other components, such as this cleaning brush.

Da Kube

Da Kube fake MFLB

Da Kube is what you get when you make a really terrible version of the MFLB and give it a really stupid name. It may look kind of dumb but inhaling from this thing is no joke. Dangerous splinters, shavings and sawdust have been found in every nook and cranny in Da Kube, particularly around the mouthpiece hole. Even more concerning, is glass dust found inside the glass stem. You do not want glass dust or wood shavings in your lungs.

Apart from the concerning health hazards, Da Kube is just badly made all around, with poor workmanship and low attention to detail. The wood is left rough around the edges, the screen is crooked and saggy and there is no click lock on the lid, leaving it very loose which likely leads to a lot of lost vapour. In terms of performance, this vaporizer also fails to hit the mark when compared to an authentic Launch Box.

DaKube vs MFLB vape

beware of fake dakube vape

Glass dust inside Da Kube stem

poor manufacturing dakube

Splinters and rough edges

dangerous to health because fake

Wood shavings deep inside the mouthpiece hole

Dragon Lite

dragon lite vape fake of magic flight launch box vapedragon lite vape

But this one has a dragon on it!

The cheesy purple dragon design is probably the only original thing about this little black beauty, which has been around since 2011 and compares itself to the Launch Box for a fraction of the price. Well, as we always say, in the game of vapes you get what you pay for.

The Dragon Lite is manufactured in China, for starters, and it isn’t even wood. The outer shell is plastic, as is the mouthpiece, with a wooden chamber insert. Furthermore, there aren’t any batteries or a battery charger included with the unit. The user has to use their own batteries, placed inside the metal “case” they provide. So, essentially, the Dragon Lite is a plastic vaporizer made in China with batteries (and charger) not included. Neat!

Reasons not to like this vape:

If you need more reasons to avoid this vaporizer other than it’s cheap quality and the fact it doesn’t come with all the necessary components required to use it, here are some better ones:

Bad business ethics: Many people have reported dodgy and sometimes offensive service from the Dragon Lite company, who have even been caught out bad-mouthing Magic-Flight in online forums to pimp their product. Stories abound of difficult dealings with the Dragon Lite company when trying to get the “lifetime” warranty honoured for broken screens and other faults.

Magic-Flight has no such issue. They offer a legitimate lifetime warranty that will give you full coverage in the event your Launch Box stops working, for any reason other than deliberate damage. Magic-Flight is known for their reliability when honouring this warranty claim, and have a reputation for exceptional customer service all around.

Battery Connection Issues: Users of the Dragon Lite may find that it’s very difficult to get a consistent battery connection and many find themselves having to strip their batteries from the wrapper to get them to work.

Bad Performance: Magic-Flight’s temperature trials showed the Dragon Lite is yet another imitation that doesn’t match up to the MFLB in terms of performance. It just goes to show that, when it comes to vaporizers, the knock-offs really aren’t the same as the real thing.

very poor performance counterfeit vapes

Materials Quality: The Dragon looks sleeker than a lot of the other MFLB copy-cats and doesn’t seem to have some of the more worrying safety issues such as shavings and dust residue that could be inhaled. All in all, it actually seems to be one of the better made clones. It’s still plastic though, and uses cheap materials that don’t measure up to the quality and safety standard of an authentic MFLB.

 spot a fake vaporizer counterfit MFLB vapes 


Forevertop vaporizer vs MFLB vape

Manufactured in Shenzhen, China by Shenzhen Forevertop Electronic Technology Ltd, this counterfeit looks like an authentic Launch Box without the Magic-Flight logo or any markings. It is very easy to spot in person, however, sellers on auction sites have been known to misleadingly use Magic-Flight’s own product photography with the Magic-Flight glyph logo removed. The packaging of the product also says “Launch Box” on the front, which is misleading to consumers who may not know what legitimate Magic-Flight packaging looks like.

Like other Launch Box imitations, the Forevertop has a badly fitted screen that is not properly bonded to the metal heating rails, resulting in poor heat output and bad vapour quality. There is no click lock on the lid, which makes it very loose and results in vapour leakage. Magic-Flight’s heating comparisons again reveal that this unit does not perform to the standard of an authentic Launch Box.

Counterfeit vape forevertop vape

forevertop vape vs magic flight launch box vape

Forevertop have been caught using Magic-Flight’s own product photography with the Glyph logo edited out.

be aware of counterfeit vapes

bad manufacturing on forevertop vape

Sagging and poorly bonded screen results in poor heat output and inconsistent vapour production.


vapars vaporizer

This cube-shaped knock-off comes from Italy, but don’t expect fine leather or superior performance akin to the world’s greatest sports cars.

The Vapars has altered many of the key aspects of the Launch Box’s design, but in doing so has greatly reduced performance, efficiency and heat output. This is mostly due to the inadequate mesh screen, which is not bonded at all to any heat conducting materials, but is merely sandwiched between two pieces of wood. The MFLB’s trench utilises infrared radiation, a critical aspect of the design that allows the mesh screen to heat evenly and conduct heat through herbs at a temperature adequate for vaporisation. As shown by Magic-Flight’s heat trials below, the Vapars falls drastically behind in performance and is not likely to reach temperatures suitable for vaporising.

knock off vapes MFLB vape

Battery issues: The Vapars does not use a battery push-back ring like the MFLB, designed to stop batteries from getting stuck in the engaged position and overheating. The width of the Vapars makes it difficult to remove the batteries while using the vaporizer, and the lack of a push-back ring can cause the batteries to become stuck and overheat. The battery caps have also been known to be tight and hard to remove, and the overall shape of the unit makes it awkward to operate while inhaling from the device.


Elips counterfeit MFLB vape

We can’t work out whether the Elips is a copy of the MFLB or Da Kube. It bears more than a few resemblances to Da Kube, such as the same font and similar packaging and components. It’s also difficult to trace where this vaporizer is manufactured, but it has many of the same operational issues as other Launch Box counterfeits.

bad vaporizers vs good vaporizers

Operational Problems: Unlike all the other MFLB clones which don’t reach adequate temperatures to vaporize herbal material, the Elips has the opposite problem. It gets too hot, potentially reaching combustion. For this reason and the fact that it’s location of manufacture can’t be traced, consumers thinking of purchasing an Elips should be wary. Not only may this vaporizer be potentially made from low grade materials not fit for inhalation, but also will burn your herbs, which pretty much negates the whole point of vaporizing in the first place.

poor manufacturing on Elips vape

The lid has no click lock and is very loose. A clear gap can be seen between the lid and the vaporizer, likely leading to lots of vapour leakage.

no insulation on elips vaporizer

Side view of the Elips shows rough edges around the battery hole and no battery push-back ring.

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