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Crafty vs pax – vaporizer comparison

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Max compares the Crafty and the Pax using the most important aspects from vapour quality, battery life and operation, to maintenance and overall build quality. These two vaporizers are popular choices for those looking for a discreet vaporizer that is portable enough to take anywhere. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but which one is ultimately the better vaporizer?

This vaporizer comparison covers all the most important points one should consider when looking for a vaporizer of their own. If you’re struggling to choose a portable, this vaporizer comparison between the Pax and the Crafty may help you make a decision.

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Vaporizer Comparison Summary:

When conducting a detailed vaporizer comparison, we like to focus on the aspects we feel are most important to consider when looking for a vaporizer. The number one thing we look at is vapour quality and performance of the unit. If you’re spending over $200 on a vaporizer, you want it to perform well. We also look at build quality, battery life, and how easy the unit is to maintain. These are things which impact your overall experience of owning a vaporizer, and will also dictate how long your unit will last, which is why they are the primary focus in this vaporizer comparison series.

Crafty vs Pax vaporizer

Vaporizer Comparison: The Crafty vs The Pax

Vapour Quality: Both of these vaporizers produce nice clean vapour, however, the Crafty does seem to perform better than the Pax in this area. While the Pax does produce good, clean vapour, the draw has a lot of resistance and it can get hot. The Crafty has a much smoother draw and better cooling capacity, and also works better with a partially filled chamber.

Operation: in comparison to each other, both the Crafty and the Pax are easy to use. The Pax turns on and off by clicking the mouthpiece and heat settings are selected by accessing a button underneath the mouthpiece. Other functions are activated via gestures, like shaking the unit to check battery life. The Crafty is operated with a smartphone app that allows you to do everything from changing the heat settings to creating vibration alerts.

Battery Life: The Crafty will only last around 45 minutes of continuous use. It facilitates USB charging and can be used while charging as long as the batter has a minimum 20% capacity. It’s not a true passthrough function, as the battery will still continue to deplete slowly when used this way. The Pax has a longer battery life of 1 hour and charges faster than the Crafty, but it doesn’t have the convenience of USB charging and cannot be used while connected to the charging dock.

Build Quality: Both units are similar in size and weight and both are made of quality, durable materials. The Pax has some user issues, mainly that the mouthpiece uses a spring-loaded mechanism that can get stuck if not cleaned and lubricated, preventing the vaporizer from being used at all. The vapour path is also difficult to access and needs to be cleaned regularly. The Crafty has exceptional build quality and is made of heat resistant, food safe plastic that never gets hot to touch.

Maintenance: This section goes to the Crafty. The Crafty’s components can be cleaned easily with Isopropyl alcohol as long as you avoid prolonged soaking. The mouthpiece/cooling unit comes apart and the heating chamber is easy to access. This makes maintenance of the Crafty a breeze. The Pax needs to be cleaned very regularly to avoid any problems. The mouthpiece needs to be constantly cleaned and lubricated and the vapour path needs regular cleaning with pipe cleaners and alcohol.


The verdict: Overall, both of these units are great vaporizers, so this vaporizer comparison was a tough one. Ultimately, the Crafty is superior in almost every capacity. With exceptional vapour quality, sturdy materials and minimal maintenance requirements, it is likely to provide the best overall experience.

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