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Davinci iq vaporizer review

Posted by Max Kuebler on

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In 2012, Las Vegas based DaVinci released their highly popular DaVinci vaporizer to much praise. Four years later in October 2016, the company released their third vaporizer, the DaVinci IQ, the hotly anticipated successor to the DaVinci Ascent. The Ascent was a good looking, well-functioning portable dry herb vaporizer, but it was difficult to maintain, the vapor flavor a bit strange and the vapour production was kind of sparse.

Three years in the making, DaVinci were hoping to right these issues and redefine the portable vaporizer market with one of the smallest premium dry herb vaporizers ever.

DaVinci had certainly come a long way from the charming yet clunky DaVinci vaporizer, and in actual fact, the IQ even looked like a serious upgrade to the Ascent. Nearly two years later, we at Australian Vaporizers have decided to take another look at the IQ and see how it stands up in this fast-moving industry.

When the IQ first burst onto the scene, vape enthusiasts were excited by the array of technical terms and innovative features, such as the ceramic zirconia vapor path and smart path technology - don’t worry, we’ll get into what that all means later on. The product arrived to such fanfare, that there was even a DaVinci IQ Review article in Forbes magazine. When it comes down to it though, most of us just want to know one thing, is it any good?

Read on for the comprehensive Australian Vaporizers DaVinci IQ Review.

DaVicni IQ Copper

DaVinci IQ Overall Rating

9/10 Rating

Portable Size, Great Performance

Considering the compactness of the DaVinci IQ, the performance quality of this vaporizer is nothing short of remarkable. Not to mention the array of features, mobile compatibility and the fact that the IQ looks great and offers a different style to that of say the iconic, minimalist PAX 3, or the distinctive Storz and Bickel products.

Going back to the size of the IQ, it’s tiny, it is impressive that along with the more than satisfactory replaceable 18650 battery, the DaVinci has a vapor path which performs better than any other conduction dry herb vape out there at the moment. Having said that, the IQ is a fair bit heavier than the PAX 3 at 145 grams, but it’s hardly noticeable. In any case, this isn’t necessarily a negative - sometimes I prefer feeling a bit of weight in my hand, it makes the vape feel less like a toy and more like a serious bit of equipment, which is exactly what the IQ is.

Excellent Material Choice

The vapor quality and the compactness of this DaVinci vape really sets the IQ apart. The choice of ceramic zirconia for the vapor path may sound extravagant, but it eliminates any of the silicon taste some people reported with the Ascent, and the super-dense plumes of smoke are quite frankly a joy-to-behold. To top it all off, the 10-year warranty should make anyone looking to spend nearly $400 on a vape much more confident in their purchase.

The Best Vape App?

The IQ is also a very intelligent piece of kit, as the name suggests. The IQ has Bluetooth connectivity and is able to link with your Smartphone via the DaVinci app. While this is not a revolutionary feature, with the likes of the PAX 3 having introduced this feature before the IQ, the introduction of “smart path mode,” which enables the user to customise heating profiles over a given session, is extremely useful in crafting your optimal vaping session.

The only complaint about the IQ is the relatively long battery charge-time and the high price point, but given the performance value of the vaporizer the price is absolutely reasonable; the DaVinci IQ still comes in cheaper than the likes of the Mighty. If you’re looking for fantastic vapour quality, ultra-compact size and an awesome design, look no further than the DaVinci IQ.



Stylish design

Long charge time 3-4 hours

Super high-quality build materials

High price point

Great vapour flavour

Draw resistance could be better

Includes haptic feedback.

Gets hot over multiple sessions.

Long battery life  (7 10-minute sessions)

Replaceable 18650 Battery

10-year warranty

Cool LED light interface

Excellent vapor quality

Precise temperature control

Intelligent heating profile: Smart Path mode

Micro-USB Charging Port

Bluetooth mobile app


DaVinci IQ Gunmetal Assembly

Design and Build Quality

9.5/10 Ratings

When it comes to the design and build quality of the IQ, DaVinci have pulled no punches whatsoever. The IQ is both stylish and compact, with the device being one of the smallest vaporizers on the market. Making it easy to vape discreetly in public and slip in a back pocket.

The brushed finish on the exterior of the device is classy and a sign of things to come - DaVinci have selected materials of the highest quality and are as functional, if not more so than any other portable vape of this size. We’ve already touched upon the ceramic zirconia airflow and this genuinely really has a positive effect on the taste of your herbs during a vape session, but we will go into this in more detail later in the DaVinci IQ vaporizer review.

Fresh Out the Box

Straightaway, as soon as we got the IQ in front of us, it was obvious to see the step up in packaging quality between the IQ and the Ascent. The IQ comes in a bright orange and purple box which has a decidedly modern feel to it, and almost feels like you are about to unpack a high-end mobile phone. All of the different components and accessories are all nicely stored in their own individual boxes which have the same modern orange and purple styling - of course, this doesn’t owe to the quality of the vaporizer itself, but it does make the unpacking experience that bit nicer.

Accessible Components

The DaVinci IQ is intuitively designed considering its compact size. It houses the loading chamber, dubbed the “flavor chamber,” as well as the removable 18650 battery. The incorporation of the battery in the vape’s design provides you with the option of being able to easily replace the battery with a fully charged one when it runs out of juice, only of course if you invest in a second 18650 battery and an external charger that is.

Extended or Flat Mouthpiece?

One complaint is that the interchangeable mouthpieces represent a compromise, with the flat one obviously winning in terms in discretion, but having a tendency to get hot when in use. This can get annoying after a while and brings back memories of the PAX 3 and its struggles with the material around the mouthpiece getting too hot to touch. Having said this, the IQ does not ever get as hot as the PAX 3 can do.

The extended mouthpiece eliminates this problem as the vapor has a chance to cool down before reaching your lips. Drawing from the stem is also an altogether more pleasant experience. However, this does come slightly at the cost of portability, although it would be our recommendation to go with the extended stem whenever possible.  

DaVinci IQ Blue Assembly

Functionality and Ease of Use

9/10 Rating

As touched on in the previous section, the design of this vaporizer has lead to the impressive functionality of the IQ. For instance, the removable vapour path doubles as a flavour infuser. Fancy some mint flavouring with your herb? Just add a bit in the vapour path and enjoy the freshness of your session. The haptic feedback is also an excellent addition which is now a must among the new premium vaporizers, and being able to turn on stealth mode by pressing all three buttons at once is a cool added feature.

Aside from the DaVinci IQ being easy to use independently, the introduction of the smartphone app allows you to control the device from your mobile. You can even switch the device on and off remotely and set up your custom smart path to suit your heating preferences. Another great function on the IQ to do with heating is boost mode, allowing you to override the heating path and cause the chamber to rapidly heat whenever convenient. Overall, the number of great features and ease-of-use means that the IQ scores very highly in this category.

Easy-Load Chamber

DaVinci have made the IQ easy to load dried herbs after opening the hinged bottom of the IQ. The chamber itself is 0.3g, but DaVinci have also included a removable ball to reduce the size of the chamber if you want a short session. The ball is a little small and it would have been nice if it extended further into the chamber, but DaVinci have released some glass spacers which will do the trick. It’s a shame that these are not included in the full kit and have to be bought separately though.

Light Dot Display

Unlike the Boundless CFX or the Mighty Vaporizer, the DaVinci IQ does not feature an LED display, but the dotted light system arranged in a 3 x 16 rectangle on the front of the device adequately serve to provide all the information needed. The buttons react well when depressed and provide a solid sense of feedback. To turn on, press the power button 5 times, as has become somewhat of an industry safety standard, and simply press the up and down buttons to determine the temperature setting.

DaVinci Full Kit

DaVinci IQ Kit Contents

  • DaVinci IQ Portable Vaporizer
  • USB Charger
  • Zirconia Mouthpiece
  • Zirconia Mouthpiece
  • Packing Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Carrying Can
  • 10mm Adaptor
  • Manual

Heating and Battery Charge

8/10 Rating

The battery life on the DaVinci IQ is great for such a small vaporizer and will easily last for 6 or 7 10-minute sessions. However, the length of time it takes to charge the device lets it down a little bit. This is something we were hoping would be addressed by DaVinci following on from the Ascent, which had a similar issue. Having said that, purchasing a second DaVinci IQ 18650 battery goes some way to alleviating the problem, but this will set you back another $15 or so.

The heat up time is adequate, at 50 seconds, which a couple of years ago would have been considered fast. However, with the likes of the PAX 3 heating up in under 20 seconds, it’s nothing to write home about. The intelligence of the heating systems in conjunction with the smartphone app does offset the slowish heat up time, but again it would have been nice if this was faster like the similarly sized PAX 3.

Great Conduction Heating

The DaVinci IQ utilises conduction heating, which is to be expected from a portable vape of this size. It would be very difficult to include the generally thought to be superior heating method of convection heating in the IQ. Nevertheless, the conduction heating method seems to work for the DaVinci as it’s probably the best tasting conduction portable I’ve tried. Perhaps even the best tasting portable vaporizer out there; that’s some claim.

Too Hot to Handle?

If you’re someone who likes firing up your vape for back-to-back sessions, then you’re going to be a bit hot under the collar with the IQ, literally. It’s a shame that DaVinci didn’t make the casing out of the same material as they made the vapour path as multiple sessions make the outer shell almost too hot to bear.

DaVinci IQ Gunmetal

Vapour Quality and Efficiency

9.5/10 Rating


In terms of vapour quality, this is where the IQ really comes into its own. Despite not generating the amount of vapour which the likes of the Mighty can produce, this tiny vape still packs quite a punch. It’s really impressive that the IQ, given its ultra-portable size, is capable of competing on this front, and then some.

Draw Resistance

In terms of draw resistance, this will largely be determined on how you are packing the herb chamber. If your herb is finely ground (which it should be) but tapped down too much, then it is going to be difficult to draw through. Regarding the DaVinci IQ specifically, the airflow is better than the average small portable vaporizer.

Simply Great Taste

The taste, as touched on in the last section, is fantastic. Where the Ascent left somewhat of a rubbery taste in the mouth, the IQ vaporizes that lingering thought from the planet. Bravo DaVinici, molto bene.


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