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Flowermate v5 mini pro review

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Flowermate Pro Mini Review

Flowermate Pro mini vaporizer pro and con

The Flowermate V5 Mini Pro vaporizer combines the best features of the popular V5 Pro and the V5 Mini into one neat, affordable package. This full Flowermate V5 Mini Pro review covers everything you need to know, from vapour quality to battery life and ease of maintenance. With full digital temperature control, adjustable airflow, clean materials and awesome value for money, the Flowermate v5 Mini is a cool little device.

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Flowermate V5 Mini Pro Review:

The newest addition to Vapormax’s popular range of Flowermate vaporizers, the V5 Mini Pro is a tiny portable device that has full digital temperature control, LED readout, ceramic chamber, glass mouthpiece and convenient micro-USB charging. What’s even better is it offers all of this at a very budget-friendly price.

flowermate v5 pro mini vaporizer

Vapour Quality:

The Mini Pro produces decent vapour quality for its size and price. It may not produce the kind of vapour you can expect from something like the Arizer Solo or even the larger Flowermate V5.0S, but it will still get the job done. The Mini Pro does have some draw resistance, but this can be mitigated by opening the bottom sliding door to increase air flow. Vapour can be harsh on higher heat settings and there is a slight flavour produced by the unit when new.


The V5 Mini Pro is tiny, and this is its main appeal. It will easily fit inside a pocket and measures up to other small portables like the Crafty, Pax 2 and Arizer Air. With internal mouthpiece storage and convenient USB charging, the Mini Pro is incredibly portable and easy to take just about anywhere.

Battery Life:

With small size comes a small battery. In this category, the Mini Pro is about average. A full charge will take about 2-3 hours, and one full battery should provide around 3-4 10 minute sessions. This makes the Mini Pro’s battery life on par with the Crafty and less than the Pax 2. However, the micro-USB charging is incredibly convenient. The Mini Pro also has a full size USB port that allows you to use it as a portable power pack for your other USB chargeable devices.

Ease of Maintenance:

In terms of how easy it is to clean, the Mini Pro is also around average. It is easier to maintain than other small portables like the Pax and the Summit, but not as simple as the Arizer portables. Brushing out the herb chamber regularly and using the stainless steel pods will keep the unit cleaner for longer. When it’s time to clean your Mini Pro, all you will need is some Isopropyl alcohol and a cotton bud. The mouthpiece assembly comes apart for easy cleaning, and all glass and metal parts can be soaked in alcohol. The ceramic chamber can be swabbed with some alochol on a cotton tip.

The only parts that should need replacing are the screens (if you lose them) and the glass mouthpiece (if you break it). Overall, the Mini Pro’s parts are well made and durable, which means you should not experience too much wear and tear.


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