Flowermate V5 Pro Review

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Flowermate V5 Pro vaporizer review

Our favourite portable vaporizer under $200, the Vapormax Flowermate V5 Pro is incredible value for money. With full digital temperature control, LED display, ceramic herb chamber and glass mouthpiece, the Flowermate V5 Pro has a lot to offer. Read on for a full Flowermate V5 Pro review covering vapour quality, battery life and more.

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Flowermate V5 Pro Review:

The Flowermate V5 Pro by Vapormax is one of the most budget friendly portable vaporizers on the market, and it adds a lot of value for its low price point. The V5 Pro features full digital temperature control, LED readout and a ceramic herb chamber and glass mouthpiece. Overall, it is a well made product with a lot of thought put into user experience. Best for occasional use (2-4 times per week) the V5 Pro is one of the best budget range vaporizers on the market.

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Vapour Quality:

The V5 Pro’s ceramic heating chamber and glass mouthpiece produce nice, clean tasting vapour. For a portable in this budget range, the V5 Pro produces quite decent amount of vapour which is of a surprisingly good quality for the price. However, this unit is still better used occasionally (2-4 times per week) rather than as an every day portable. Vapour can be harsh on higher temperature settings, but this is pretty standard for most small portables.


The V5 Pro is built for discretion and portability, and this is really where it shines. The glass mouthpiece can be conveniently stored in the bottom of the vaporizer for safety, and the top herb chamber completely sealed off by the sliding door when not in use. The V5 Pro is fairly pocket sized and easy to carry around. The newer version includes two stainless steel filling pods that allow you to pre-load your material when out and about. We highly recommend the V5 Pro for people who are looking for a budget-friendly portable that can fit in their pocket, without sacrificing too much vapour quality.

Battery Life:

The battery life of the V5 Pro is fairly standard. One full charge should provide roughly 5-6 10 minute sessions per charge. This is considerably better than some smaller portables on the market, and more than enough battery life for occasional or infrequent use.

Ease of Maintenance:

The V5 Pro is very easy to clean and maintain. The glass mouthpiece, metal screen and metal base can all be soaked in Isopropyl alcohol to easily dissolve residue (be sure to remove the rubber o-ring!) The herb chamber can be brushed out with the included cleaning brush, and gently swabbed with alcohol and a cotton bud if needed. Using the optional filling pods will also keep the chamber cleaner for longer.

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