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How has innovation changed the vaping experience?

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Like animals, people, insects and vaporizers; we all share some common ground. No, not emotional dependency – a beginning and evolution! And that beginning was the Shake and Vape that was invented in 1994. Yep, 24 years ago the first vaporizer was born, and what a beauty she was.

Innovation changed the vaping industry

Changing the game, one vape at a time

The Shake and Vape was created by Eagle Bill Amato, having developed a desire for aromatherapy. Eagle Bill wanted to create something that promoted the safe consumption of dry herbs and that could be transported easily. The Shake and Vape consist of a glass pipe and large bowl at the end that could be heated with a traditional pocket-lighter.

The Shake and Vape was and still is a perfectly good method of consuming your herb, however, while it is functional – it is not practical, nor is it terribly safe. Storing glass in your pocket is way too dangerous and the lack of temperature control can make for very inconsistent results. With that being said, the Shake and Vape was an important stepping stone into a new, innovative (and unknown) world of vaporizers.


The vaping world used to be very limited. It was a niche method of consuming your herbs, very few people did it. With the passage of time though, change is inevitable, and vaporizers changed lot! As we jump forward a little, there was the Volcano Classic and the Vaporbrothers which emerged at the turn of the century and even some rudimentary electronic portables like the Vapir Classic in the early 2000’s.

Many more vaporizers were released to this infant market but, it wasn’t until more advanced electronic (and more importantly, smaller) portables like the Arizer Solo and the original DaVinci hit e-commerce shelves some 10 years later that we really started to see what the vaporizing industry could do.

Technology and Humans

Technology and Humans

Vaporizer technology has grown and adapted as well as any other form of technology in our society. And the world itself has become more health conscious so it’s only natural that technology with it has become, well, smarter. Vaporizers are the healthy alternative to smoking that people have been looking for, hence their enormous growth and popularity.

It only makes sense, that in this busy modern world, portable vaporizers have begun to take a front seat in the industry. Ever since units like the Arizer Solo have hit the scene; new levels of efficiency, taste and battery life have been introduced to smaller and smaller units. Of course, there’s always compromises to make when going for a portable but those compromises aren’t nearly as obvious as they once were. Flash forward to the present day and we see portables like Storz & Bickel’s Mighty which have become daily drivers for many experienced and new vapers alike.

An exciting future ahead exciting future ahead for vaporizers

Technology didn’t just change the vaping experience, people did. Customers wanted portability, discreetness, iOS apps etc. So, while technology made it easier to achieve these properties, it was people who ultimately changed the vaping experience. All of these cool in-unit accessories born from human demands and technology adhering to these wants – effectively making the industry more competitive and ever-evolving. Who knows what kind of vaporizers we’ll have in time 10 years' time.