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Sticky brick review- not your average vaporizer 

Posted by Australian Vaporizers on

Top Class Aesthetics

Unique, aesthetically pleasing, and just plain cool, the Sticky Brick vaporizer will be like nothing you have tried before. This device uses a butane torch as its main heat source, producing on demand convection heating with no need for charging or batteries. The bonus; zero heat up time. Sticky Brick JRs are one of the most efficient and top tasting vapes you can get at the minute. It is also fair to say that they’re one of the best looking, made from stunning natural hardware which is sure to impress even the keenest of eyes.  


The OG Sticky Brick was more of a home use device, due to the absence of cables or even battery life to worry about, the vape could be used on the go but good luck getting it to fit in your pocket. Cue the Sticky Brick JR, similar functions yet in a smaller more compact, portable and, protected design.  

Build Quality and Design 

Built with quality and outstanding craftmanship, even its competitors would have a hard time placing fault within the design of the Sticky Brick and if you have ever held one of these devices you will know exactly why. The finish is smooth, clean cut, and all pieces fit together beautifully, the attention to detail is pretty much second to none. Its wooden body has a lifetime warranty and the glass piece 15 days, so unless you break the glass this product should last you a long time.

Additionally, both pieces of glass on the JR can be adjusted to allow a cover to be fitted on top, concealing and protecting the entire device. This newly added feature makes it easier to carry the portable device and means your glass will be protected if you want to throw it into your backpack on the go.

Heating and Chamber Size

As mentioned previously, all Sticky Brick vaporizers use a flame for their source of heat. This provides an on-demand heating system which can allow for quick and convenient sessions to take place. The vape bowl in this device tends to work well with varying load sizes and has the ability to break down bowls with ease for multiple sessions. Sure, it can take a few goes to get the hang of the technique, but once you do, it’s 100% worth it. 

Vapor Quality 

The vapor quality produced by the Sticky Brick JR has been described by its users as top notch. If you like big clouds you will certainly get them with this device as well as cool, smooth vapor. Using the ‘shotgun’ hole on the side of this unit- although tricky to master- can allow users personalised hits every single time. So, although small, the JR packs a punch and can create some of the most satisfying vape sessions.