The Top 3 Essential Oils (Aphrodisiac)

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top 3 esensual oils

Esensual Oils - Top 3 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils for Romance

Have you ever wondered if there was an easy way to create a really intimate atmosphere in your bedroom? Is there a way to get that loving feeling some way other than stuffing your face full of strawberries and dark chocolate? Well, if the answer is yes, maybe you should consider the world of aromatherapy.  

Aromatics have long been used by practitioners for a wide variety of reasons; they have been used as sedatives, to improve memory, enhance complexion and to to relieve stress - check out our blog post on the top 5 essential oils to relieve stress and anxiety - but they also have a long tradition as aphrodisiacs to aid couples in the bedroom (1)

While you may think of aphrodisiacs as being foods, like dark chocolate or pumpkin seeds, essential oils are also commonly used for their high levels of aphrodisiac qualities; they are said to release pheromones which induce sexual desire. Just ask the Ancient Egyptians, famous for their use of rose oil, or the Romans for that matter. Why not ask those kinky Ancient Greeks, who placed great value on the use of plants in medicine and aromatherapy? Throughout history, people have used essential oils to help with sexual arousal and increase libido. So, if you want to know what the 3 very best essential oils are to get your heart rate up, to get those blood vessels pumping, then read on.


Rose Oil

Rose Essential Oil

Imagine that it’s the 1st Century BC in Alexandria, Egypt.  You are in the palace of possibly the most famous seductress in history, the great Pharaoh Cleopatra, mistress to Julius Caesar and husband to Mark Antony. The smell of incense is overwhelming, but as you wander into Cleopatra’s bathing quarters, the scent of one essential oil stands out from the rest. You guessed it, it’s rose oil, perhaps the oil most synonymous with love and attraction. Cleopatra was known for bathing in rose oil and milk every day, and was said to have first made love to Mark Antony on a bed of rose petals.

While we won’t go as far as to suggest you go to the extremes that Cleopatra did in her use of roses, there is at least evidence to support that there is method to her madness. As well as being found to be an “antiseptic, balancing, antidepressant, astringent, digestive (and) anti-inflammatory,” rose is also an aphrodisiac (2). Some key libido boosting sexual benefits of rose oil is that it stirs desire, helps women reduce the severity of PMS and increases sperm count in men. While bathing in rose oil may not be very affordable for most people, using it as an incense and breathing in its wonderful aromas will help couples reach those heady heights in the bedroom and ignite sexual desire.

Sandalwood Oil

Essential Oils Aphrodisiac

Sandalwood oil has its origins in India and has played an integral part in Hindu faith for centuries. Sandalwood oil is widely used in Hindi religious ceremonies, and is even present at funerals and is burned along with the pyre during cremation. It is also offered up as a tribute to Hindu deities; if its good enough for the gods, its good enough for me! Sandalwood essential oils are used to treat a variety of ailments and the smell of it burning is deliciously earthy and spicy, but what are its aphrodisiacal properties?

Sandalwood is known to give off pheromones which humans naturally release to stimulate sexual desire; I recommend using sandalwood oil as an incense to help provide that bedroom spark. It has also been demonstrated in studies that the essential oil “elevates pulse rate, skin conductance level, and systolic blood pressure,” (3) meaning your heart beats faster and you are more sensitive to touch.

If you would like to blend oils together, sandalwood is often used in combination with rose oil in India to create a sensual blend known as aytar; this is a great way to get the best of both oils and benefit from each of their unique benefits. Not to mention, the smell given off by a sandalwood rose oil blend is sublime.


Bergamot Oil

Bergamot Aphrodisiac

Produced by cold-pressing bergamot orange rind, bergamot essential oils have been used in perfumes for centuries. However, bergamot not only smells fantastic, giving off a spicy and lightly-sweet aroma, but it also has several other qualities which make it worth exploring to spice things up in the bedroom. One very interesting finding was that bergamot essential oil was found to increase the amount of amino acids in the brain (4); these amino acids trigger heightened levels of sex hormones, leading to increased libido among both men and women.  

Bergamot is often used in blends, added to such oils as jasmine, lavender, coriander and rose due to it being able to compliment well with these oils and produce wonderfully complex smells. It is very effective as an aphrodisiac in its own right, although in combination with jasmine especially, bergamot is perhaps at its most sensual.   


Which Should You Go For?

If you're new to essential oils, then you can probably look no further than essential rose oil: not only does it smell fantastic, but it is well-known to enhance libido and has been used extensively for aphrodisiac purposes for hundreds of years. Having said that, it is about preference and we would recommend to buy all three and see which you like best as they all have their qualities. The best thing you could do is try them in different combinations as they all go well with each other. In this way, you can create sensual blends to suit your needs and breathe a bit of passion into your life.