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The best herb flavours for valentine's day

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We are all guilty of being distracted by the constant adventures of everyday life. This can be detrimental to our relationships, if we end up neglecting and taking our loved ones for granted.

Valentine’s day, although a date that creates much polarized opinion, is, nevertheless a day to remind us to make that extra effort to show our loved one that we truly care for them.

Australian Vaporizers Valentine's Special

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Valentine´s Day Special

Herb Terpene Flavours

Every herb has a different effect and so it is important to choose a strain that contains the terpenes that are suitable for a valentine’s date. You want to feel good, relaxed, yet have plenty of energy for a fun-filled evening. There are hundreds of terpenes, let’s look at some of them.


Relieve stress and improve your mood with this lemon flavour terpene (also found in lemons!).
An uplifting terpene containing antidepressant properties that will put everyone in good form.


Helps with anxiety and stress relief. Handy if your worried about performing.
Be careful not to overdo however it as it can be a sedative in large quantities!

Pinene :

Makes you more alert and focused on the task at hand. It is also associated with creative thought - handy when you’re looking to try something new!

Avoid: Mycerene, terpinolene

Both these terpenes more often than not, produce a couch lock effect and/or sleep.
Does have pain relieving qualities though, so if back pain is stopping you from performing.

Herb terpenes

Vape temperatures

Vaping causes compounds to sublimate (boil) so you can inhale them. Terpenes like all the other compounds of the herb, all activate at different temperatures.

Vaporizers allow you to choose the temperature that is required to activate your compounds. For this exact reason it is handy to have a vaporizer, that allows you to have precise temperature control, such as the Mighty or the Volcano Digit.

 Terpene: Activating Temperature:
Linalool 198°C
Limonene 176°C
Pinene 155°C
Caryophyllene 130°C


Other Valentine's Day Essentials

Valentine's Day

Movie Night and 'Chill': If you dislike the consumerism element of the day then ditch the presents and expensive dinner, instead fill up your vape put on a movie and enjoy some quality time with your partner. No partner this year? No worries mate! Pull up your mates and watch 'try not to laugh' videos on YouTube and first one to laugh has to get the snacks (Not as easy at it looks!)

Chocolates: Herbs. Check. Card. Check. Chocolates… Oh for the love of God don’t forget the chocolates! Any snacks in general for movie night and 'Chill' especially if you're vaping (if you know, you know...)

Research has proven that chocolate (directly or indirectly) increases our bodies anandamide levels. Anandamide is an endogenous (made in our body) compound that produces the high feeling following a binge of chocolate. It was named after the Sanskrit word for bliss.

Happy Valentines Day!