The Ghost MV1 - Vaporizer Review

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The Ghost MV1 is the first vaporizer that Ghost Vapes have ever released. The MV1 enters the market with near instant heat up times, on-demand convection heating, removable battery, and unique design.

The Ghost MV1 is a fascinating unit and we at Australian Vaporizers finally got our hands on this bad boy. But cutting-edge technology doesn’t come cheap - standing at a whopping $449.95 we investigate if the Ghost MV1 is the outstanding vape we have all anticipated.

Ghost vape front and back

Ease of Use 

Upon first glance at the Ghost MV1, the vaporizer is unworldly. Its unique design is distracting and leaves you bewildered as to how to operate the machine. In fact, the Ghost MV1 is rather simple to use but it does take some messing around with before you get comfortable. Remove the unit from the packaging and push the small chrome tab on the front face, by doing this the herb chamber will swing open, revealing the removable crucible. Inside is where you will loosely pack your dry herbs. Then slide the crucible back into place.

Ghost crucible

After this, the next (and logical step) is to turn the device on. Hold the bottom button down until the LED flashes green and you will be ready to go. At your own pace, take a slow and strong drag from the mouthpiece while holding down the bottom button for the duration of your draw and release when finished. There is a little bit of draw technique involved, with longer, heavier pulls generating better results, but you’ll get it down eventually.

Vapor Quality

No matter the make, we expect every vaporizer to deliver tasty, dense, and smooth draws with each use. The Ghost MV1 employs on-demand vapor so you are guaranteed great flavour and smooth draws with every use. The vapor path cools down the vapor, while the heating system is powerful enough to provide a pleasant draw. The Ghost MV1 features a unique mouthpiece that lets you adjust the resistance to your liking. You can pull the mouthpiece out to free the airflow and push it back in to restrict it.

Mouthpiece ghost mv1

Portability and Discretion

As mentioned above, the Ghost MV1 is a stunning vaporizer, but good-looks bring drawbacks. With the units odd shape and weight, you wouldn’t be throwing it in your back pocket any time soon. The only realistic mode of transport for the Ghost would be to carry it in a bag. The MV1 is better suited for home use or occasional portability. You would treat the Ghost as you would the Mighty or Arizer Solo II. This unit is by no means discreet. From its big size to its attention-grabbing aesthetics, it is certainly not the vaporizer of choice for those who want to be covert about their dry-herb use.

ghost mv1 vaporizer portability

Build Quality

Being the first vaporizer from Ghost Vapes, you would think there would be some minor flaws on the build quality, but to our surprise, we cannot fault it whatsoever. The clever innovators at Ghost have ensured that all materials used within the unit are inert, safe, and flavourless. You can be sure you won’t be getting any funky taste or flavours messing with the wonderful taste of your vapor. The unit itself is sturdy and looks like a device from the future. If you want a vaporizer that looks cool and performs even better then we suggest checking out the Ghost MV1.

Ghost MV1 build quality

The Ghost MV1 might not be the smallest model but it is everything you have ever needed and wanted in a portable dry-herb/concentrate vaporizer. Get lost in the beauty that is the Ghost MV1.

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