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The top vaporizer halloween costume ideas

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Are you lost for a Halloween costume? Well, here are three vape-incorporated Halloween costume ideas along with the best vapes to go with them. So, don't worry because this year we have you covered when it comes to Halloween. This article will provide some super vape-inspired costume ideas with the best vape device to use when wearing them.

Halloween Costume and Vape ideas

1. Elon Musk - DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Elon Musk found himself in a pickle recently when he announced he was planning on privatising his company and charging $420 per share. This apparently turned out to be a joke to impress his girlfriend, the musician Grimes. Musk's company's stock took a sharp nosedive after this little stint and made numerous Tesla shareholders shiver in their boots.

After this upheaval, Elon made a controversial appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast where he drank whisky and smoked while donning an Occupy Mars t-shirt. Amidst all of this, Musk also technically violated his company's code of Business Conduct and Ethics which indicates that he is prohibited from utilizing illegal drugs when at work, which could be argued that he was working as the CEO of Tesla representing his company during the podcast. Regardless of whether or not the company rules were broken by Musk, his behavior resulted in numerous memes and terrified the anxious shareholders even further.

Elon Musk smoking

So, if you are searching for a rather timely and simple costume for Halloween, all you need is a whisky, an Occupy Mars t-shirt, a vape of your choice, and a facial expression that is similar to the “Thinking Face” or “Hand-to-Chin" emoji.

While any vape will do nicely, we recommend something that is cutting edge and sleek like the DaVinci IQ. The DaVinci IQ can be called the Tesla of vaping with its Smart Paths Technology and 360 degree conduction heating.

The t-shirt is simple to do-it-yourself; however, if you are not much of a DIY-er, then you can purchase the Occupy Mars t-shirt on Etsy. In fact, it is a popular item and conveniently listed as the 'Elon Musk Occupy Mars T-Shirt /Joe Rogan Podcast Shirt'.

2. Thomas The Vape Engine - Crafty Vaporizer

All hail the creator of the Thomas the Vape Engine Halloween costume. Whoever the guy is, he's a revolutionary in the field of Halloween costumes.

We aren't too sure what type of ergonomics are involved the creation of this costume, but I'm sure it involves some type of paper-towel cardboard tubing. If you are a gifted amateur sculptor, then you should have a go at constructing a wearable version of Thomas the Tank Engine complete with the vapor path chimney.

As you will be dressed up as a literal train, it is recommended that you use a vape to produce large and thick clouds. In this case, the best option is the Crafty! The Crafty is a portable vaporizer with smart convection energy to provide you with thick clouds and dense vapor.

3. Cruella De Vil - Boundless CFC

Embodying the outstanding evil spirit of the iconic Cruella de Vil is not for the faint of heart. Not only is she named after the devil, but she is one of the most well-known Disney villains - so there is little chance of people questioning who you are meant to be all night. However, to achieve the full Cruella effect you will need to achieve a two-toned monochrome hairstyle via a wig, a dedicated hair coloring system, or a shoddy spray hair colour job. In our opinion, the wig would be the safest and easiest alternative.

Cruela De Vil halloween costume

Due to her popularity as a villain, there are numerous Cruella de Vil Halloween costumes available for purchase online as well. If, however, you wish to take the DIY-er approach, you will need to cover yourself in black-and-white Dalmatian print with lots of faux fur. You want to pretend to be Cruella de Vil remember, we don't want you to be like Cruella endorsing the skinning of puppies for a Halloween costume. Some prefer the elbow-length gloves, hells and a long skinny cigarette holder; however, we also recommend a sleek dab pen as a vaporizer of choice.

For a vape we recommend something sleek, that creates big clouds and looks the part. Here we recommend the Boundless CFC or the newer version – the Boundless CFC 2.0. Both vapes are great dry herb vapes with a conduction oven.