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Vapium summit: best vape in the zombie apocalypse

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Vapium Summit Vape Review

It’s a story that has been re-imagined a thousand times: a deadly virus outbreak causes millions of people to become bloodthirsty, flesh-eating zombies, and those unaffected now have to fight for survival. It’s been done so many times that it’s a scenario that every day people have actually thought about. We all secretly have a zombie apocalypse survival plan.

Many connoisseurs would consider a world without their favourite botanicals and recoil in horror. On your list of essential items for the zombie apocalypse should be a reliable vape. After all, if it isn’t for our creature comforts what is there to separate us from the animals?

A vape is essential in this scenario and not just for stress relief; healthy lungs are even more important in the zombie apocalypse. The #1 rule for survival is cardio.

The Vapium Summit:

Vapium Summit Vaporizer

The Summit would definitely be the best vaporizer to have if you were spending all your time fighting for survival against hordes of hungry undead. For one, it is ultra stealthy, using silent haptic feedback notifications to signal device readiness with vibration rather than sound.

Purpose built for survival in the harshest conditions, the Summit would be with you until the end.

Constructed with durable food safe materials, the Summit was road tested and developed to be the premier vape for the “outdoorsman” who enjoys hiking, camping, mountain climbing, and a host of other adventurous pass times. It’s pretty impressive that the Summit can stand up to all of that, but what we really want to know is….could you use it as a weapon in a pinch?

You probably could, seeing as the Summit’s interior is constructed from Polyamide-imide and stainless steel, while the outer shell is made from high strength polycarbonate, making it very strong for a small vape. The stainless steel herb chamber is covered by a sturdy magnetic lid that’s tethered to the vaporizer, so there’s no chance of losing small parts on the road. As for cleaning, the Summit really doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. A good scrape of the chamber and air path would suffice in a world without pipe cleaners and alcohol.

Solar Powered for Survival

When Western civilisation has shut down and there’s no power, the Summit has you covered with solar! With the Spring Solar Charger you would never have to be without your vape, which is why we’d choose the Summit over a flame powered vaporizer. You get all the features and vapour quality of a battery powered portable without the need for electricity to keep it running.

Solar powered battery pack

The Spring charges itself with solar power also, so it’s smooth sailing as long as there’s a steady supply of sunlight. The Spring comes with a metal carabiner clip so you could attach it to your pants or trusty zombie survival backpack to catch some rays as you run from the danger. It’s multi-tasking.

Perhaps you’re thinking “but do I really NEED a vaporizer in the zombie apocalypse?” Well, not really, but it would be nice to have one.

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