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Where are all the pax vapes?

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The best of the rest

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a Pax from us recently you will have noticed they’ve been out of stock for a while.

Unfortunately, due to a customs issue, PAXLabs are having difficulties getting their vaporizers into Australia. Therefore we cannot currently stock the Pax 2 or 3 but we hope to have stock again soon. We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment. Whilst we wait out this issue though, we have some cool and discreet vape alternatives for you to try!

What is a great alternative to the Pax?

The Pax 3 and Pax 2 have been selling well but there are other vapes that have the edge depending on whats important to you. Check out our comparison chart for all the details.

While we cannot promise an identical experience via the use of other vaporizers, we can help you find a vaporizer that is suitable for you and your lifestyle. We suggest the Healthy Rips FURY 2, Xmax Starry V2 and Davinci IQ. Three stellar vaporizers available at Australian Vaporizers right now. In this blog we will break down and discuss the features of the Fury 2, Starry V2 and Davinci IQ to demonstrate why these are the best alternatives to the Pax 2/3. 

Let’s start with the Healthy Rips Fury 2 vaporizer. Fury 2 is an amazing first choice for new vapers, and it’s a hugely popular portable vaporizer. One of our favorite features is the full incremental temperature control between 160° - 220°C, which is quite rare for such a small device. It also features an ergonomic form-factor and is powered by a high-quality hybrid heating system - which is our first choice for vaping dry herb when it comes to portables. The convection (hot-air-stream) heating gives you smooth, tasty clouds at any temperature after just 20 seconds of heat-up time.


Healthy Rips Fury 2

Healthy rips fury 2Now while we are fully aware that automatic shut off timers are a necessary safety feature, there’s nothing more annoying than a short automatic timer when you’re in the middle of a great flow. The Fury 2 has a shut off timer of 4 minutes, which is generally fine for short solo sessions. After that, the device is easily reactivated by clicking the power button three times.  The Fury 2 is such a user-friendly device, simply press the button three times to turn it on, and the OLED screen will guide you from there. While it’s more uniquely shaped compared to other devices in this list, it still fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and will easily slip into any pocket. Weighing in at 136g, the Fury 2 has a great sturdy feel which coupled with the protective rubberized finish, means you won’t have to worry about roughing it up a bit. It also has a protective top cover, which protects your device and makes it even more discreet. For extra stealth, you can even turn off the lights while you’re using your device outdoors.   

The Fury 2 is a great portable choice for dry herb and concentrates, making it a true power player in this list.  



Xmax Starry V2 Vaporizer

X Max Starry Vaporizer


The next on the list is Xmax Starry V2. This is an extensive upgrade from its forerunner, the Xmax Starry Vaporizer – and retaining the budget price tag. Money plays a significant and decisive role when you are looking for a Vaporizer that is reliable, portable and cost effective. Well if there was such thing as Oscar Awards for portable vaporizers, the Xmax Starry V2 Vaporizer wins that Oscar. With its reasonable price and impressive feature-set, it’s hard to go wrong with the Xmax Starry V2.

 Now, you may be thinking “because of its price tag, it can’t have all the features an expensive vaporizer has” well – on the contrary, it employs a lot of the same excellent features you would find on an extravagantly priced vaporizer. Some of the features include; a 25-second heat up time, removable battery, ceramic heating chamber; fully digital temperature control and a Tiny form-factor to boot. These features among others are very similar to that of the Pax 3. The Xmax Starry V2 Vaporizer is an amazing piece of vaping kit and at an equally amazing price. Its’ quick heat up time will have you vaping as quickly as possible and as for discreetness, it’s certainly right up there with competition (not just the Pax vapes). But, that’s not all we have - keep reading to learn all about the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer.



The DaVinci IQ


The IQ is the third and latest portable dry herb vaporizer released by DaVinci. The DaVinci IQ is sleek, discreet and small, it’s so discreet in-fact that it can be easily concealed in the palm of your hand. This latest DaVinci IQ is the first vaporizer on the market to employ a 100% ceramic zirconia airpath and mouthpiece to ensure that every hit is tasty and smooth. DaVinci’s objective is to revolutionize the vapour market with this state of the art conduction vape.  This piece also stores other state-of-the-art features like precision temperature control and Bluetooth connectivity that gives you complete control over your session. To top it all off, the IQ has a user-replaceable battery, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice on-the-go.

Now the IQ does fall under a higher price bracket than the Starry and there is a noticeable difference in overall quality (not to mention some extra features). Some even believe that the IQ actually offers tastier vapour than that of the IQ. So if you think you’ll be relying on your portable vape quite often, bear in mind that this difference in quality will be all the more important for you.

For more info on the IQ, feel free to check out our Best Portables of 2017 video here : 

Why These Three?

We truly believe that the aforementioned vaporizers are amazing substitutes for the Pax vaporizers. With their advanced engineering, portability and overall performance you truly cannot go wrong. While nothing compares to the Pax 3, these three carry the closest form-factor and are perfect for on-the-go Pax fans looking for something similar. Below we have a detailed table displaying all the ins and outs of the Pax 3, Fury 2, Xmax Starry V2 and the DaVinci IQ.


Pax 2 / 3  

Healthy Rips Fury 2

XMAX Starry V2

Davinci IQ






Style and finishing


Rubberised Matte



Heating time  

15 seconds

20 seconds

25 seconds

<30 seconds

Price (AUD)






Pax Labs

Healthy Rips



App Compatibility  & Connectivity  

Yes, bluetooth connectivity



Yes, bluetooth connectivity

Digital Display






Height: 9.8cm

Width: 3.1cm

Height: 7.6cm

Width: 5.1cm

Height: 11cm

Width: 3.5cm


Height: 8.9cm  

Width: 4.2cm

User-Replaceable Battery  






Dry Herbs (Pax2)

Dry Herbs &  Concentrates


Dry Herbs & Concentrates

Dry Herbs & Concentrates

Dry Herbs

If size doesn’t matter… 

Still haven’t found the correct fit for you? There are plenty more options out there, especially if you’re willing to go for something a little larger. If you’re looking for a vaporizer that is simply going to offer the best performance while maintaining a relatively pocketable form-factor; consider checking out the Crafty Vaporizer.

Crafty vaporizer

The Crafty is manufactured and designed by Storz and Bickel, one of the most reputable vape manufacturers in the world. It is a dry herb vaporizer that features a smartphone connectivity just like the IQ and Pax 3. Now, you don’t need a smartphone to control the unit’s temperature, but it does unlock its full potential.  As far as vapour quality goes, the Crafty is A-grade all the way and will also offer less draw resistance than any of the alternatives mentioned so far. It’s the perfect pocket-friendly vape for vape buffs or beginners alike as its also highly acclaimed for its ease of use.

If the Crafty Vaporizer tickles your fancy, then be sure to check our Crafty Vs Pax video here on Australian Vaporizers below: