Black Friday - A Brief Introduction

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Everything You Need to Know about Shopping on Black Friday

Most people think of rioting over cheap appliances, inexpensive linens and the latest toys when they hear the words Black Friday. Have you ever wondered if this is really how Black Friday is? In the beginning, Black Friday was not invented to evoke angry crowds and riots over small appliances that have been marked down by about 30 percent. Black Friday was actually invented as a pre-Christmas extravaganza of sales to help sellers move their stock quickly and buyers to find great deals at affordable prices. This idea was created for the benefit of both buyers and sellers.

Black Friday Sale madness

The History of Black Friday

Black Friday's origins have been traced back to its inception in 1952. However, it did not gain popularity until the early 2000s when shoppers began descending on malls and stores the day following Thanksgiving to do most of their Christmas shopping. On this day, many stores offer great discounts on toys, appliances, linens, clothing, hardware and more.

Over time, the concept of Black Friday began to expand globally. When companies around the world began to offer amazing savings on the fourth Friday of November, citizens around the globe began crazily shopping these sales.

The Media

Black Friday has been embraced by the media industry as well. The media love showcasing middle-class shoppers clawing and fighting over Blu-ray players and more. The rioting that can be seen on Black Friday can be spurred on with news sources showcasing incidents that occurred the previous years, which can psych up shoppers and make them think about the possibility of riots and the "need" to grab their much-wanted items as quickly as possible.

Cyber Monday

Black Friday led to the inception of Cyber Monday. This shopping event is modeled after Black Friday with lower prices and limited stock of these "deals." However, there is not the risk of riots because Cyber Monday occurs on the Internet rather than in stores.

Cyber Monday began in 2005 and has continued to grow. Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday. In the beginning, Cyber Monday was used to help persuade people to shop online during the early days of the e-commerce invention by marketing companies. The concept of shopping online has taken off - now, everyone shops online throughout the year.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday remain one of the most profitable marketing schemes out there. This strategy has captured the heart of shoppers around the world and continues to thrive each year.