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    DISCONTINUED Fierce Vaporizer
    DISCONTINUED Fierce Vaporizer
    DISCONTINUED Fierce Vaporizer

    Fierce Vaporizer

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    Introducing the Healthy Rips Fierce Vaporizer

    Building on the solid foundation that is the Fury 2, the Fierce is the latest edition to the Healthy Rips vaporizer range. Considerably larger whilst still being discreet and pocket friendly, the Fury 2's big brother improves upon an already great vaporizer.

    The Fierce's larger size is mainly contributed to the bigger, removable batteries. With more than double the power of its predecessor, the Fierce can run for up to 120 minutes on a single charge and the super fast USB-C charger will have you back to vaping in approximately 80 minutes. A larger screen allows for the temperature, session time and battery indicator to be seen at a glance, with the ability to adjust the auto shut off function. The addition of haptic feedback lets you know when the Fierce has reached temperature and is ready to use.

    A newly designed magnetic glass mouthpiece makes for easy maintenance and sits directly into the chamber for a more secure fit. The chamber has also gotten an upgrade, with improved heating and is 33% larger than the Fury 2. Great for sharing or solo sessions, the Fierce is a great option for both beginners and vaping enthusiasts. 

    Fierce Vaporizer Specifications

    Manufacturer: Healthy Rips
    Device Dimensions: 101 x 73 x 27 mm (approx)
    Materials: Stainless steel (food grade), glass, silicone, kirksite alloy
    Heating Element: Stainless steel
    Heating Type: Convection
    Heating Time: ~ 30 seconds
    Temperature Range: 160°C - 220°C
    Temperature Control: Digital
    Material Compatibility: Dry herb, concentrates
    Battery: Class A 4050 mAh Lithium Polymer battery (replaceable)
    Charger: USB-C
    Haptic Feedback: Yes
    App Connectivity: No
    Passthrough Charging: No
    Automatic Shut Off: 3 - 8 minutes (programmable)
    Warranty: 1 year + 1/2 price lifetime replacements

    Fierce Vaporizer Full Kit Includes:

    Fierce Vaporizer

    1 x Protective Smell Cover

    1 x Mouthpiece with Glass Vapor Path

    1 x Accessories Attachment

    1 x Glass Mouthpiece for Accessories Attachment

    1 x Extra Battery Door Screw

    1 x Stainless Steel Oil & Wax Pad

    1 x Extra Screen & O Ring Set

    1 x Wall Charger

    1 x USB-C Charge Cable

    1 x Tweezers

    1 x Cleaning Brush

    1 x Pick Tool

    1 x User Manual

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