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"Designed and built by ex-aerospace engineers, the Grasshopper is one of the most durable, discreet and portable vaporizers on the market. Featuring a user-replaceable battery and fast convection heating, the Grasshopper is a must-have machine for the stealthy vaper.

With a 95% metal construction available in Aluminium or anodized Titanium, the Grasshopper vaporizer is a hardy machine. The Grasshopper vaporizer looks just like a pen, making it vry discreet and easy to carry around in your pocket. With such a durable exterior, you will never have to worry about broken parts or damage while you're on the move.

At Australian Vaporizers, we stock the Grasshopper vaporizer, as well as a range of genuine Grasshopper accessories such as the Grasshopper Vaporizer Extra Battery, Grasshopper Silicone Mouthpiece and the Grasshopper Vaporizer Charger. We offer fast express shipping across Australia and Internationally."