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iolite vaporizer original
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iolite Vaporizer Original

Vapour Quality: 58 %

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  • The name says all you need to know: the Iolite and WISPR Vapor Optimiser allows you to get the absolute most enjoyment from your Iolite Original or WISPR vaporizer. A 3-pin heating element boosts effectiveness exponentially. This is the optimal technology upgrade for optimal vape experiences. The added efficiency can...
    iolite and Wispr Vapor Optimiser
    iolite and Wispr Va...
  • Make the upgrade now, if you have an older model vaporizer with the original plastic threads you will notice an immediate difference. This package includes everything you need to enjoy the smoothest and best vaping experience with your Iolite vaporizer: Contains: 3 x Short mouthpiece 3 x Extender 3 x...
    iolite Mouthpieces
    iolite Mouthpieces
  • The mouthpiece and filling chamber of your Iolite vaporizer see's the most use of any parts, to enjoy the best performance and flavour you need to make sure these are replaced regularly (especially if you are a frequent user). Our Iolite Filling Chamber + Mouthpiece are made by the original...
    iolite Filling Chamber plus Mouthpiece
    iolite Filling Cham...

Giving users the ability to vaporize on the go, The Iolite Vaporizer is considered one of the best portable vaporizers around.

Thanks to it’s innovative design, you can experience a small but powerful vaporizer that fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than the average mobile phone. The iolite adopts a quality temperature regulator which is similar to that found in Volcano vaporizers and will constantly give you clean and consistent hits at any place, any time.

The Iolite is constructed only from quality materials and all plastic parts used in the manufacture of this product are medical grade and FDA approved, so healthwise it is entirely safe to use. It runs on natural butane gas (none of which gets into your vapor) which eliminates the need for cords and batteries to power the device. Just one refill of butane will let you continuously vaporize your herbs for up to 2 hours!

With a heat up time of just 2-3 minutes, the Iolite quickly produces a rich and flavoursome vapor for your enjoyment while giving you the freedom to vaporize where you want and when you want.

Our Iolite Vaporizer is shipped with all essential items needed to work correctly. However you must purchase the butane gas to power it separately. The iolite Vaporizer comes complete with a 2 year warranty.

The Iolite Vaporizer - What's in the Box:

1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Moisture Condenser
1 x Wide Cleaning Utensil
1 x Seven Dot Chamber Screen
1 x Tool for Maintenance
1 x Heater Mesh Screen
2 x Pipe Cleaners
1 x Extendable Mouthpiece

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