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Santa Cruz 3 pc Shredder - Medium
Santa Cruz 3 pc Shredder - Medium

Santa Cruz 3 pc Shredder - Medium

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Regular Price: $74.95

This 52mm 3 piece grinder is perfect for the herb enthusiast who wants a grinder and storage in one! The three piece Santa Cruz Shredder grinds your herbs and stores them in the bottom of the grinder. Convenient and mess free! The anodized coating protects the teeth from damage, preventing any metal shards from scraping off into your herbs, making this one of the cleanest grinders around.

Santa Cruz Shredders have a unique "7 catch" thread design and textured grip that make it a favourite among people who have trouble gripping or operating regular grinders. With most other grinders, you have to twist and turn endlessly for a secure connection, but the Santa Cruz Shredder fits together seamlessly without the hassle of trying to find the thread catch. The anodized coating also makes sure your threads stay like-new, preventing them from wearing down or becoming rough, so your grinder will always rotate as smoothly as the day you got it.

The Santa Cruz Shredder uses super strong Rare Earth Magnets with a Nickel-Copper-Nickel triple layer coating to ensure a reliable lid closure that keeps your herbs and odours sealed tighlty inside. 


  • Medical grade, ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum
  • Unique threading pattern, friction ring and textured grip
  • Top quality rare earth magnet in lid
  • Innovative new tooth design

Technical Specifications

diameter 52
extras Magnetic , Storage Cap
grinder parts 3 pc.
material Metal
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