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Sometimes you just need a convenient storage solution that keeps everything in one place. At Australian Vaporizers, we stock a range of Kush Kaddies and padded bags to keep all your stuff in one spot and protect it from harm. Originating from a fateful trip to Vegas, the Kush Kaddie is the cylindrical storage container that's padded on the inside to keep fragile parts from shattering when you're on the go. It also has an air tight seal to keep odours in and moisture out.

When it comes to the freshness and quality of your herbs, the proper storage solution is of the utmost importance. At Australian Vaporizers, we stock a large range of quality storage containers to keep your herbs at their best, including Kush Kaddies, Space Case and Aerospaced stash cans, 420 Jars, Boveda Humidipaks, and Tightvac storage containers. Choose from a variety of vacuum sealed containers, glass vials, storage jars, aluminium cases and Humidipaks to create the perfect storage environment for your favourite blends.

We stock a range of Kush Kaddies in different sizes, as well as the Kush Kaddie Connoisseur and Kush Kaddie Keeper.