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The VapirRise vaporizer is a unit that takes versatility seriously, with the option to vape with a bag, a whip, or four whips! From the same people who brought you the Vapir NO2, the VapirRise is a desktop vaporizer with all the options you could want.

The VapirRise can be used with up to four whips at one time, and can even fill up to four bags simultaneously! It heats fast with a ceramic element and can vaporize just about any material from dried herbs to essential oils.

At Australian Vaporizers, we stock the VapirRise as well as a selection of essential parts and accessories.

The Vapir NO2 vaporizer is the latest portable vaporizer by Vapir, created from the ground up based on the suggestions, comments and ideas of customers themselves.

Powered by an internal rechargeable battery, the Vapir NO2 heats fast using a stainless steel encased pure brass heating element. It even remembers your favourite vaporizing temperature!

Shop the Vapir NO2  vaporizer and a range of NO2 parts and accessories below.

At Australian Vaporizers, we stock a range of genuine Vapir parts for your Vapir NO2 vaporizer, so you always get the same quality components that your vaporizer came with.

From the essentials such as Vapir NO2 External Battery, mesh screens, whip tubes, O-rings and mouthpiece caps, to other helpful accessories like the Vapir NO2 Travel Accessory Kit and the custom made NO2 Kush Series VapeCase, we have just about anything you may need to keep your Vapir NO2 vaporizer in working condition.