Vaporbrothers Glass EZ Change Whip Kit
Vaporbrothers Glass EZ Change Whip Kit
Vaporbrothers Glass EZ Change Whip Kit
Vaporbrothers Glass EZ Change Whip Kit
Vaporbrothers Glass EZ Change Whip Kit

Vaporbrothers Glass EZ Change Whip Kit

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The innovation continues at Vaporbrothers with the brand new EZ Change Whip Kit. Makes changing screens easy as 1, 2, 3. In addition, this is the first whip on the market to eliminate the need for metal by using a ceramic screen.

A high temperature silicone sleeve that houses the ceramic screen connects the glass whip tip to the glass whip handle, allowing the user to change the screen in about 2 seconds. No more wrestling the screen into the whip

Works with both Hands Free and Regular/Standard Vaporbrothers Vaporizers only!

EZ Change Whip Assembly Instructions:

1. Insert the Whip Handle and Mouthpiece onto the Hose (moisten the glass to insert).
2. Push the Whip Grip onto the Whip Handle
3. Place a Ceramic Screen in the open end of the Whip Grip.
4. Insert Whip Tip into open end of the Whip Grip, holding the Ceramic Screen firmly inside.

Tips: You can play around with this setup. the Whip Grip accepts 0.625" / 15.8mm screens of any type (including the Vaporbrothers Mini .625" / 15.8mm Screen). For better filtering and less herb particles in your mouth, place an additional Ceramic Screen in the other end of the Whip Grip. Never use brass screens.

To Disassemble:
1. Disassembly is easy if you "bend" the glass parts at the Whip Grip until they come apart.
2. DO NOT disassemble while glass is hot!

Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whip Cleaning:

1. Clean your Whip Grip by soaking it separately in alcohol or boiling water. the longer you soak it, the cleaner it will become. Save the solution for soaking the glass parts and ceramic screen later. The Whip Grip should not soak with any other item to ensure the silicone does not get contaminated.
2. Clean the glass parts and ceramic screen by removing the whip grip with the tip still attached. Be careful that the glass has cooled down before disassembly. Route the holes of the screen with a small paper clip and blow through the back of the whip grip to dislodge additional material. For complete cleaning, soak the parts in alcohol, boiling water, or your favorite cleaning solution.
3. Cleaning the hose can be difficult, Vaporbrothers recommends replacing it with a new one. Never use alcohol on the hose.

EZ Change Whip Warning:

1. Wait for the glass to cool down before disassembly.
2. If a glass piece breaks, disassemble very carefully. Do not inhale from chipped or cracked glass.
3. The pick tool may break the ceramic screen if you stick it in the holes. Use a paper clip or thin wire.

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