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Mighty Liquid Pad Set
Mighty Liquid Pad Set

Mighty Liquid Pad Set

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Compatible with the Mighty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel

The stainless steel liquid pads by Storz & Bickel were originally created for vaporizing liquids, waxes and oils inside the Volcano and the Plenty. Now, they're available for the Mighty portable vaporizer, so you can still vape your concentrates away from home. The stainless steel wire of the liquid pad functions like the vegetable fibres of dry herbs. It provides the necessary surface area that allows your essential oils to be vaporized efficiently.

Using a liquid pad in your Mighty will prevent oil and wax from seeping into your unit. It is highly important that you use a liquid pad whenever you vaporize concentrates to avoid any potential damage to your Mighty.


  • 4 x Liquid Pads


How It Works

Insert the pad into the bottom of you Mighty filling chamber. Then, add a small amount of oil or wax onto the pad. Use your Mighty as you normally would, and enjoy the fragrant aromas of your favourite essential oils.

Vaporizing liquids and oils is easy when you use one of these liquid pads. They are easy to install and remove, simple to use and mess-free.

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