Chinese Vaporizers

Don’t make the same mistake many new vaporists do and buy a cheap generic vaporizer.


A lot of people who are new to vaporizers start by looking at these cheap Chinese generic vaporizers. Sure they work....but not efficiently at all and you never really get a pure stream of vapour. Trust us...if you buy that vape you'll use it twice and it'll sit there collecting dust. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's a bargain.

There are many reviews on the internet about these generic Chinese knock off vaporizers and it is clear that many of their manufactures don’t care about safety and quality, citing issues with burning foam, air being drawn over circuit boards and fumes from the plastic which you will inhale.

Secondly the heating elements in these vaporizers are off poor quality making them nothing more than a glorified soldering iron. A vaporizer which smells and tastes like a soldering iron is absolutely useless. A vaporizer requires a good quality heater to be able to accurately maintain the correct temperature. If the temperature fluctuates and continuously drops like many of the poor quality vaporizers do you will never get all the active ingredients out of your herbs. It is very frustrating waiting five minutes for a poor quality vaporizer to heat up again just to have another draw. Some of these vaporizers even state in the owner’s manual that it should not be left on for over 20 minutes or it will over heat! A quality vaporizer can be left on for a long period of time without any problems. In fact 7th Floor the company behind the Silver Surfer vaporizer have some test units that have been constantly running for over 6 years and are still performing just as strong as day one.

Thirdly a lot of the generic knock off vaporizers can be extremely unreliable. It will probably work for about 2 months and then die with no warranty or support. Who do you contact when it breaks? The manufactures of some of our vaporizers such as the Magic-Flight Launch Box offer a lifetime warranty on their vaporizers.

All our models are of the highest quality and have proven track records, they may cost a little extra but in the long run it's a superior investment. An investment in durability, efficiency and most importantly health and safety. Also remember a vaporizer is far more conservative with your herbs and can often pay for itself in no time at all. Combusting is just that - burning it. 

We have years of experience with vaporizers and have chosen only to stock the world’s leading brand name vaporizers. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive portable vape or a top of the line home vape we are sure to have a model which is perfect for your needs.

We are authorized dealers for all the vaporizers we sell. We don't sell junk.