Herbalizer Vaporizer Australia


Is the Herbalizer available in  Australia?

At the moment, the Herbalizer is only available in 110V and is not fit for use in Australia. The 220V International version was initially announced for release in 2015, though there has been no recent update on its status.


When will we be stocking the Herbalizer?

We are currently unaware when the 220V Herbalizer will be released or when we will be able to stock it. We hope to be able to stock the Herbalizer if a 220V model becomes available.


What are some good alternatives to the Herbalizer?

If you're looking for a high-end unit with superb vapour quality, high quality materials and reliable operation, there are many great alternatives available. Whether you're looking for a unit with dual functionality like the Herbalizer, or a simple whip or bag unit, there are several high quality choices available.


Vaporizers that use a Halogen heat source:

AroMed Vaporizer

Dual Functionality Vaporizers (whip or bag):

Extreme Q Vaporizer

Balloon Vaporizers:

Volcano Vaporizer



About the Herbalizer

The sleek and compact Herbalizer vaporizer is an intelligently designed home unit that puts you in the driver’s seat, giving the user optimal control with a wide temperature range between 140 – 230°C, high quality technology, clean halogen energy and a sleek, egg-shaped design that holds all essential components safely inside for the ultimate in function, purity, and convenience.


A New Standard in Premium Vaporization

Released in late 2013, the Herbalizer has had an overwhelmingly positive reaction. When it comes down to it, vaporization isn’t rocket science, but the Herbalizer is! Developed by two ex-NASA employees, one an engineer and the other a computer whiz, the Herbalizer combines intelligent design with cutting-edge technology. For decades, the top of the line has been dominated by the Volcano, with many attempting to knock the vaporizer industry’s pioneering Godfather off its well-deserved perch, though unsuccessfully falling just short of the kind of design sense and functionality required to reach such a golden standard. Now, the Herbalizer makes itself a worthy contender, combining sleek aesthetics with revolutionary technology, multi-function operation, and a hefty price tag to boot.

If you want to see what lies at the beating heart of a quality vaporization unit, you go straight to the element, which, in the Herbalizer’s case, is a super clean quartz halogen bulb that heats at the speed of light and preserves the purity and flavour of your herbs. It’s an incredibly simple and powerful engine, but one that not many in the industry have attempted, with the AroMed being the only other notable unit using a halogen heat source. From the element outwards, the Herbalizer’s materials are completely inert, meaning they won’t off-gas any harmful byproducts into your herbs or affect the flavour of your vapour.  From the stainless steel airway to the medical-grade silicone whip tubing, the Herbalizer maintains an exceptional standard in purity for the health-conscious vaper.

That’s impressive in it’s own right, but the Herbalizer has even more to offer than inert materials. Such performance ultimately comes down to the quality of the technology behind it, which is why the Herbalizer incorporates a powerful 32MHz 16-Bit processor tuned with an ultra-fast in-air temperature sensor that is able to instantly detect fluctuations, so all 300W of clean halogen energy are expertly regulated for ultimate consistency.

300W packed into a tiny halogen bulb is A LOT of power to contend with, which is why the right technology is essential to regulate it. The Herbalizer’s sensor is situated between the lamp and the safety screen, which means it’s constantly regulating the temperature just below the magnetically attached bowl to ensure accurate readings and perfect regulation so your herbs vaporize evenly and never burn. It uses custom software to quickly toggle the bulb on and off when more or less heat is required. Smart, huh?


Practical Aromatherapy

Most vaporizers out there are purpose-built for inhalation, throwing in “aromatherapy” functions simply as an after thought. While the Herbalizer is also purpose built for powerful vapour extraction and inhalation, it also has a carefully designed aromatherapy function that allows you to use the powerful three-speed fan to diffuse scented essential oils freely throughout your home. It even includes a “de-funk” oil for use after a vaping session, which freshens up the room and gets rid of any lingering odours.


Vapour Three Ways

Some of us don’t like to be tied to any one method of inhalation, instead preferring to enjoy our superior quality vapour in a variety of ways. The Herbalizer delivers all the options in one unit, with a silicone whip, bag, or free fan function, so you’re free to choose whatever your mood.

The Herbalizer’s controls are super intuitive, with a smart colour LCD screen and precise digital temperature control that allows you to set your experience anywhere from uplifting to intense. Contained inside its pretty clamshell case is the virtual polished pearl of vaporizers, complete with a mezzanine storage compartment under the lid to hold all your extra bits and pieces securely inside.

The Herbalizer’s whip tubing is made of high quality, heat resistant silicone that preserves the great flavour and purity of vapour without imparting any of the nasty byproducts or plastic taste that tends to plague cheaper quality PVC. The powerful fan will fill a bag in about 20 seconds with close to 2L of vapour, and one bowl will get you two full bags, which makes this one very efficient machine!

If you also like to vaporize essential oils, the Herbalizer incorporates a liquid pad which, by the way, does actually work. As the Herbalizer’s halogen element is capable of reaching high temperatures up to 230°C, you can rest assured that oils and waxes will get hot enough to actually vaporize properly, whereas some other units merely provide the option without the heating capabilities to deliver good results.

Backed by superior technology, the Herbalizer delivers superior vapour with the kind of purity and efficiency that vaporists dream of at night. It’s a unit that delivers it all, from high class technology, pure materials and sleek design that’s stylish but appropriately inconspicuous, the Herbalizer may just be the new premium desktop vape to beat all others.


Unfortunately, the current version of the Herbalizer will only work on 110V so it is not suitable for use in Australia. We hope to be able to stock the Herbalizer if a 220V version is made available.