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Q. What kind of butane can I use with my Iolite Vaporizer?

The manufacturer has not done an analysis on what butane fuels are best for use in Australia, however, we have had good results with Newport, Vector, Colibri, Maquarie/ Black Label, or Power for use with your Iolite. It is important to use a high-quality butane fuel that is at least triple refined. Butane is widely available at most tobacconist and hardware stores.(Pictured: Newport Butane Gas - available at Super Cheap Auto).


Q. Which parts of the iolite vaporizer are subject to wear and tear?

The mesh screen in the herb chamber and the mesh screen in the heat pin chamber. The herb chamber and mouthpieces are all subject to wear and tear.


Q. Do I need to grind?

Yes, it is very important to grind your herbs well for use with the Iolite Vaporizer. Exposing more surface area to your herbs will enable more active ingredients to be released to the user, it also ensures that your herbs are evenly vaporized not wasting any herb in the process.


Q. On my Iolite vaporizer which is the on and off button?

The on/off switch in the back near the piezo "ignitor" button. 1 is the on position and 0 is the off position.


Q. Can the vaporization goods burn in the iolite?

No, the iolite is set to a constant 190°C so will never reach combustion temperature.


Q. Is there a possibility of inhaling butane or exhaust gasses?

No, the iolite is constructed in such a way that the butane / exhaust path is physically separated from the vapor path.


Q. The iolite is mostly plastic, is it safe?

The external plastic used is Ultem ® 1000, which is FDA and United States Pharmacoepia Class VI compliant. Ultem ® 1000 is a thermoplastic polyetherimide high heat polymer designed by General Electric. Ultem ® 1000 is also commonly machined into parts for reusable medical devices, electrical/electronic insulators and a variety of structural components requiring high strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures.
The internal plastics are made from DuPonttm Automotive Zenite® liquid crystal polymer, which also has a very low thermal conductivity and is FDA approved for use in repeated food-contact applications. Zenite® liquid crystal polymer is also used in auto ignition fuel handling, ovenware and the aerospace industry and for fuel or gas barrier structures.


Q. Can I use the iolite in its pouch?

 No, as the catalytic process requires oxygen. It is a possibility that the process over an extended period, may use up all the oxygen in the pouch. If this should occur, the process will stop and the unit will vent butane from the exhaust port.



Q. What warranty is offered?

Australian Vaporizers is one of the few Authorized Dealers for the Iolite line of portable vaporizers. This means that your Iolite Vaporizer comes with full warranty support and service for the full 2 years.


Q. I’m above 1600M, my iolite won’t start, what’s wrong?

Butane will always have problems igniting at altitudes above 1600m regardless whether it’s a gas lighter, gas curling tongs, gas soldering iron or even our vaporizer. Also bear in mind the current local barometric pressure as this may have a compound affect at high altitude. If you have a simple gas lighter and that works then the vaporizer should in theory work but is not guaranteed.


Q. My mouthpiece has broken in the herb chamber, how do I remove the broken piece?

If you have a mouthpiece that has snapped in the herb chamber, please follow these steps for removal of the broken end.


 Instructions for removing a broken mouthpiece from the iolite herb chamber:

1.  Find a utensil such as scissors, knife or a Bic bird lid

2.  If you have large scissors open them out
3.  Insert the utensil into the top of the herb chamber
4.  Turn the utensil counter clockwise to unscrew the tip
5.  Carefully pull the tip out

If you are having difficulty turning the broken piece, this may be due to resin build up from the vaporization of herbs.

To remove the mouthpiece, warm the chamber, either in the iolite by turning it on or in a bowl of boiling water.

Be sure to handle carefully to avoid burns and unscrew the part.


Q. The temperature in my unit seems to have changed, can I adjust this?
[Response from manufacturer]
The thermostat in the Iolite is a mechanical bi-metal device that is not adjustable nor is it set here in the factory. It is designed and manufactured in such a way that the ratios and types of metals used are set at a temperature which does not vary even with excess use. This thermostat is also used in our other gas powered tools, albeit operating at different temperatures, these include three models of Glue Gun which will take punishment while in use. As you can see this is a tried and tested solution that has been in use for several years. As to the user changing the temperature, this is a very difficult thing to do and still have a thermostat that is robust enough to survive daily use and abuse without having to be re-calibrated. Further we tested batches of Iolites for 90 days and these units were running nonstop with no temperature variation whatsoever.  We also do daily batch tests on all components including the thermostat.
[End Response]


Venting the iolite vaporizer

If you are experiencing any problems with your iolite portable vaporiser please follow the following steps.

1.      Make sure the unit is off, the switch should be at 0. Turn the unit upside down and point away from your body.

2.      Using the small end of the handtool, depress the gas valve and let all the gas dispel ensuring to keep hands clear of liquid gas spraying from the valve, this may take up to or more than 30 seconds.

3.      Refill using a high quality butane and leave for 5 minutes. It should only take a few seconds to fill (2 to 5 seconds). As soon as gas sprays back it is full.

4.      Turn on the unit, the switch should be at 1, and listen for a hissing sound.

5.      If you hear the gas flow, press the igniter, you may need to try 2 or 3 times before it will light.


Refilling the iolite with Butane

1.      Hold the iolite in one hand with the gas valve at the top

2.      With your other hand hold the butane can upside down

3.      Position the butane can perpendicular to the filling valve

4.      Press down gently but firmly

5.      Filling should take between 2 and 5 seconds, as soon as it sprays back the iolite is full.

6.      Leave the iolite for at least 5 minutes before attempting ignition.