Top 5 Vaporizers for Oils/Concentrates

If you plan to vaporize more than just dry herb, it's important to look for a vaporizer that has the capability to accommodate other kinds of material. Putting liquids or oily substances into a vaporizer not built to handle such materials can make a mess or even damage the unit.

While there are dedicated wax and oil pens out there, there's also a wide range of dry herb vaporizers that have the added capability to vaporize other substances. Why buy two different units when you can find one that does it all? Here's our list of the top 5 herbal vaporizers that can accommodate oils and concentrates.

1. The Volcano

Always at the top of the list is the prestigious Volcano vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. Famous for its efficiency and unbeatable performance when vaporizing dry herb, the Volcano can also vaporize essential oils and other extracts.

Using either the Liquid Filling Chamber or a liquid pad, vaporizing a variety of materials in the Volcano is easy. If you like to vaporize multiple substances, the Volcano allows you to switch effortlessly between them. The Volcano is a balloon vaporizer, meaning it uses an internal pump to push hot air through botanicals and extracts to collect active ingredients as vapour inside a bag. This bag can then be detached from the unit and inhaled from at your own pace.

The Volcano reaches a max temperature of 230°C and is extremely efficient thanks to its Aluminium heat exchanger that responds fast to temperature fluctuations to for consistent extraction. Because of its high efficiency and ability to expertly regulate temperature, vapour produced by the Volcano is incredibly pure and potent. The Volcano is available in a digital or analogue model with two different balloon sets to choose from and also comes with Liquid Pads included for oils and extracts. A separate dedicated Liquid Filling Chamber is also available.


  • Extremely efficient at vaporizing different materials
  • Liquid pads make vaporizing oils and extracts simple
  • Unbeatable vapour quality and efficiency
  • Highly reputable company
  • Made from durable materials
  • Bags are convenient and easy to use
  • Simple operation


  • High Price
  • Can be slow to heat up
  • Not portable

2. The Mighty

Also made by Storz & Bickel, the Mighty portable vaporizer has the capability to vaporize oils and concentrates as well as dry herb. With the inclusion of a liquid pad, vaporizing an array of substances with the Mighty is simple and effective.


The Mighty uses a digital display, similar to the Volcano Digit, that shows both set and actual temperatures controlled by two + and - buttons. It uses Storz & Bickels' patented aluminum heat exchanger for super efficient vapour extraction and precise heating. Coupled with digital temperature control and a precise CPU, the Mighty provides very accurate and stable heating to produce very high quality vapour.


The Mighty is powered by dual Lithium-Ion batteries and can be used while charging. It has a temperature range between 130°C and 230°C and uses soft vibration alarms to tell you when it's ready to use. It also features an automatic shut off function that conserves battery power. It is large for a portable, measuring around 14cm high and 8cm wide, which is likely too large for those looking for a vaporizer they can put in their pockets. Unlike its little sibling the Crafty, the Mighty can be used while connected to power on completely flat batteries, so you can still continue your session if it runs flat. One full charge should provide approximately 90 minutes of continuous use.


  • Precise digital temperature control
  • Liquid pads allow easy vaporization of oils and extracts
  • High efficiency aluminum heat exchanger
  • Good battery life
  • High quality vapour
  • Made from durable materials
  • Cooling unit prevents hot or harsh hits
  • Vibration alerts and auto-shutoff
  • Can be used while charging
  • 2 year warranty


  • Not pocket friendly

3. The Haze

The Haze is the multi-tasker of the vaporizer world. Not only can it vaporize dry herbs, eliquids, oils and concentrates, but it also has two heating chambers!

The Haze's two bowls can heat together or completely independently, so you can vaporize two things at once or use one as an extra bowl for later. The two heating chambers are completely insulated from one another, so vaporizing one chamber won't affect the material inside the other, making it a great “pack and go” option. Because the two chambers heat independently, it is also possible to vaporize both at different temperatures.

The Haze also comes with a stainless steel and a glass mouthpiece, leaving the choice completely up to you. Both stems reside inside the unit, so are well protected when you're on the go. The Haze comes with two different screen inserts. The “convection” screen completely shields your material from coming into direct contact with the heating element. The “conduction” screen is open at two ends, allowing material to come into contact with the hot element for more conduction-based vaporization. Liquids and concentrates can be vaporized inside the included all-purpose cans.

The Haze is an analogue vaporizer and has four pre-set temperatures ranging from 185°C to 212°C. It heats incredibly fast, reaching max temperature within 90 seconds. It is powered by an external Lithium-Ion battery that's easy to replace and is estimated to provide 35% longer vaping sessions than other portable vaporizers.


  • First and only dual-bowl vaporizer
  • Can vaporize dry herbs, eliquids, oils and concentrates
  • Glass and stainless steel mouthpiece
  • User-replaceable battery
  • Heats in 90 seconds
  • Lightweight and discreet design
  • Auto shutoff function


  • Draw stems can become sticky and hard to remove after some use

4. The Muad-Dib Concentrate Box

From the same people who manufacture the popular Magic Flight Launch Box, the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box (pronounced “maw-deeb”) is designed specifically for concentrates.

The same tiny matchbox size as the MFLB with a slightly “steampunk” appearance, the Muad-Dib uses external batteries to vaporize oils and concentrates in a small micro mesh trench. When you engage the battery, the Muad-Dib's trench glows red-hot and effectively vaporizes your extracts into visible clouds. It's best used with waxy extracts that melt completely to avoid sticky messes and is not suitable for eliquids.

The Muad-Dib is made from maple hardwood and coloured with a special ink. The lid has an optical-quality glass lens that magnifies your view of the chamber and swivels out to either side to open. Inside the chamber, two rods support the delicate stainless steel mesh trench where you load your materials. Instead of a direct draw stem, the Muad-Dib uses a silicone whip tube to give vapour time to cool before it reaches your mouth. While the batteries provide enough power to vaporize your material, you can use the Muad-Dib with the Magic-Flight power adapter and send your session into overdrive.


  • Small size
  • Appealing design
  • External rechargeable batteries
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not suitable for liquids

5. The DaVinci Ascent

The DaVinci Ascent is the first true glass-on-glass portable vaporizer and comes complete with full digital temperature control and smart user features. The Ascent can reach a maximum temperature of 220°C and incorporates glass oil jars for vaporizing liquids and concentrates.

The Ascent's slim LED display shows temperature settings, heating status and battery life, and is operated by two simple + and - buttons. It also incorporates an automatic shutoff function that conserves battery life when the machine is idle. The Ascent's digital functionality doesn't stop there; it also gives users the ability to create their own custom vaporizing “programs” for effortless vaporizing sessions perfectly tailored to their preferences.

The Ascent produces ultra clean vapour with a glass-lined ceramic heating chamber and all-glass vapour path. It is the first true glass-on-glass portable vaporizer and produces pure clean draws. The Ascent's herb chamber is located at the bottom of the device and swings out at a 180° angle for filling. The glass draw stem is situated inside the unit and can be pulled out when in use, or you can choose to draw from the top of the Ascent with the mouthpiece tucked away for extra discretion.

The entire glass vapour path can be removed from the unit for effortless cleaning, but while these parts are well insulated inside the unit they do tend to be fragile when removed. The Ascent comes with an extra glass set, but extra bcare should be taken when handling.


  • Precise digital temperature control
  • Glass-on-glass vaporization
  • Glass-lined ceramic element
  • Included glass oil jars for vaporizing liquids
  • Customisable vaping programs
  • Sleek, discreet appearance
  • Can vaporize dry herbs and other substances
  • Simple operation
  • Heats in 1 minute


  • Glass pieces can break easily when removed from the unit