DISCONTINUED Arizer Air Wooden Stem
DISCONTINUED Arizer Air Wooden Stem
DISCONTINUED Arizer Air Wooden Stem
DISCONTINUED Arizer Air Wooden Stem

Arizer Air Wooden Stem

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Handmade in the USA by Ed's TnT, this stem for the Arizer Air is made of quality Granadillo wood. Add a touch of class and a full-bodied, distinguished flavour to  your vaping session. This stem measures at 76mm in length and approximately 12mm in diameter. A 12mm screen is installed with a retaining clip, and a small stainless steel pin is inserted through the bushing and into the wood to ensure no separation. The 14mm tapered end makes it possible to use this mouthpiece as an adapter!

Being wood, these stems are virtually indestructible, however should never be cleaned with solvents or submerged in water. Can also be used with the Arizer Solo.

How to Change the Screen: You will notice that the screen at the bowl end of your stem is held in place by a metal clip. To remove this screen, insert a metal poker tool (or something narrow and pointy) into the tiny holes at either end of the clip to lift it out. Once you have removed this metal clip, you can lift out the screen using the same tool. To insert a new screen, simply bend it slightly into a domed "taco" shape and use the same tool to help guide it into place inside the stem. Once the screen is in place, insert the clip to keep it secure.

*Please note that these stems are slightly wider in diameter than the standard glass stems. Before fitting your Wooden Stem for the first time, heat your Air to the highest setting for approximately 5 minutes to allow for thermal expansion*

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