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Arizer Extreme Q Potpourri Dish
Arizer Extreme Q Potpourri Dish

Arizer Extreme Q Potpourri Dish

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Regular Price: $22.50

  • Product Description

    Add aromatherapy to your list of vaporizer uses with the Arizer Extreme Q Potpourri Dish. Simply install this attachment to your existing Arizer Extreme Q or V Tower vaporizer device, and let yourself drift away to distant lands on a cloud of exotic spices and herbs. Just add the fragrant essential oil, herb or extract of your choice and let the potpourri dish do the rest. It will automatically vaporize your favorite fragrance and diffuse its scent throughout the room.

    When using essential oils with your Potpourri Dish it is recommended that you place a cotton bud in the dish first and then drop some oil onto the cotton bud. This prevents the oil from seeping through into your heater cover.

    Durable and effective, this attachment is built to withstand heavy use and will not expand or contract as a result of rapid temperature changes. You can begin to use your new Arizer Extreme Q Potpourri Dish right away by adding one or more essential fragrances to your purchase. Australian Vaporizers currently stocks lavender flowers and oils that have been distilled from natural substances such as eucalyptus and peppermint.

    This high quality potpourri dish is made for use with Arizer Extreme Q and V Tower vaporizer units only. It is not designed for use in conjunction with the Arizer Solo or any other brand name vaporizer device.

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