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Black Da Buddha Vaporizer
Black Da Buddha Vaporizer
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Black Da Buddha Vaporizer

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Regular Price: $299.00

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  • Product Description

    Da Buddha Vaporizer is the latest addition to hit the market from the same people that brought you the Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV). Just like it’s big brother, Da Buddha is a high quality vaporizer which will give you clean, smooth doses of vapor time and time again.


    The Da Buddha’s cylindrical design increases air resistance and produces a natural cooling effect for the unit. Its ease of use provided by the unit’s hands-free connection makes this a great choice for people new to vaporizing or for those who just want a convenient way to enjoy satisfying vapor.

    While Da Buddha is designed as a more basic-need type of vaporizer as opposed to the SSV, it still boasts many of the same great features, including:

    • Designed and built in America (products are hand-made)
    • Quality ceramic heater (which can reach vaporizing temperature in as little as 3 minutes)
    • Super tough aluminum housing (anodized to provide a stronger, smoother finish)
    • Fully adjustable temperature
    • Easy change screen
    • Ground glass hands free attachment
    • Air intake is separated from electronic components, and
    • A stay-cool design


    If what you’re looking for is a high quality vaporizer without all the bells and whistles, then Da Buddha Vaporizer is the one for you. In terms of price, functionality and reliability, it certainly is a very tough product to match. Da Buddha is sure to have you meditating in no time!

    Our Da Buddha Vaporizer comes with an AU plug (exclusively to Australian Vaporizers) and is shipped with all essential items needed to work correctly. The Da Buddha Vaporizer comes complete with a 3 year warranty.

  • Technical Specifications
    compatibility Herbs
    dimensions Height: 16.5cm | Diameter: 7.8cm
    power Electric
    temperature control Analog
    temperature range 50 - 250+
    vaporizer faq Da Buddha Vaporizer FAQ
    vaporizer heat source Ceramic Heater
    vaporizer manual Buddha Vaporizer Instrucion Manual.pdf
    vaporizer warranty 3 Years
    vapor quality 99
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