DISCONTINUED Da Buddha Heater Cover
DISCONTINUED Da Buddha Heater Cover

Da Buddha Heater Cover

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Keep your Da Buddha vaporizer working great for years by replacing your old or broken heater cover with a brand new, genuine 7th Floor part. Composed of 100 percent quality glass, this replacement unit can be shipped to your door discreetly and quickly to keep your Da Buddha device functioning properly.

To replace your existing heater cover, start by unplugging your unit and letting it cool down completely. You can then safely remove the heater cover by simply pulling straight up on the unit and twisting gently back and forth. If the heater cover is broken, protect your hands from cuts by wearing thick work gloves. After the heater cover comes free from the mounting post, you may also inadvertently remove one or more small metal spacers or shims. Make certain that this shim is put back into place before installing the heater cover replacement.

When you are ready to replace your heater cover, simply set it onto the mounting post using the same gentle twisting motion that you used during the removal process. There should be no need to force the part into place. If the heater cover cannot be easily secured, you may have to begin removing any number of existing shims, staring with the smallest, until a tight fit can be made. If the heater cover is too loose, additional shims may be added. Once the heater cover is installed and resting on the screws at the bottom of the mount, you are ready to turn your unit back on and begin vaporizing!

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