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DaVinci Brush
DaVinci Brush

DaVinci Brush

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Regular Price: $6.50

Having the right tool for the job is crucial to maintaining the exceptional performance of your DaVinci vaporizer and the DaVinci Brush is exactly what is needed for this important job. This is the same brush that comes with the DaVinci so if you have lost yours this one will slot right into the old ones place. Elegant and effective, this custom brush looks small but packs a wallop: in only seconds you can transform your equipment from messy to magnificent, with only a fraction of the effort you are used to.

You probably already have a technique you rely on to clean your DaVinci vape, but if it involves a DIY production with a paper clip, knife or even your fingernail then you are only cheating yourself. Do not degrade the performance and/or lifespan of your DaVinci Vaporizer equipment! Use the one-and-only DaVinci Brush, custom designed for your cleaning and maintenance needs. If you have misplaced the original, this brush is the perfect spare.

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