DBV & SSV Glass Tipped Stir Tool
DBV & SSV Glass Tipped Stir Tool
DBV & SSV Glass Tipped Stir Tool

DBV & SSV Glass Tipped Stir Tool

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The DBV & SSV Glass Tipped Stir Tool is not only extremely useful but can add a touch of class to an otherwise dirty job. Its long and sleek metal design and easy-grip, glass-tipped head make for routine stirrings that are both efficient and elegant. Never again will you be forced to search the house for ad hoc items like needles, pens, and pencils when you want to stir your blend or scrape away residue.

Thinner than a butter knife blade, stronger than a paperclip, and more sanitary than almost any household object, the DBV & SSV Glass Tipped Stir Tool is a truly veritable little tool. In addition to its stirring and cleaning capabilities, it is also ideal for performing routine maintenance procedures such as changing screens. Specifically designed for use with Da Buddha and Silver Surfer vaporizers, this product will function just as well with virtually any vaporizer unit on the market.

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