Extreme Q Silicone Tubing - 1m
Extreme Q Silicone Tubing - 1m

Extreme Q Silicone Tubing - 1m

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Measurements: 5/16' ID x 7/16' OD 

Replace your standard whip tubing with something more premium and better for your health!

Silicon has long been used as a medical material and will withstand extremely high temperatures so you know there won't be any harmful by-products seeping into your vapour when you inhale. Step away from plain old PVC from the hardware or aquarium store!

One of the most outstanding qualities of silicon is its resistance to temperature extremes. Vaporizing is all about minimizing risks to your health, and inhaling warm vapour through cheap plastic tubing can be cancer causing. The tubing that you're likely to find in a hardware store has most probably not been tested for high temperature use. PVC can begin to release harmful carcinogens at around 140°C, so why take the risk in a machine that can easily top 230°C?

Peroxide-cured Silcon® contains no sulphur or other acid-producing chemicals, thereby eliminating the possibility of staining, corroding, or deteriorating other materials it contacts. Your vapour quality is safe from impurities in the hands of high grade, premium Silicon that won't leak carcinogens and harmful byproducts into your vapour and is completely taste/smell neutral for the purest vapour delivery possible.

Resilient, stretchable, odourless, tasteless and inert, premium silicon is essential for the purest whip delivery possible. It's also more flexible than standard plastic tubing and is much easier to attach and remove from glass stems and elbows. No more cutting your tubes when your glass parts become fused in place!

For the purest, healthiest and tastiest vapour delivery possible, silicon whip tubing is a must.


WARNING: This tubing is compatible with Extreme Q vaporizers only Please check the measurements are correct for your vaporizer before purchasing.

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