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    G Pen Elite Vaporizer by Grenco Science
    G Pen Elite Vaporizer by Grenco Science
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    G Pen Elite Vaporizer

    Vapour Quality: 62 %

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    About the G Pen Elite Vaporizer

    Known for their popular range of pen style vaporizers, Grenco Science are back with the new G-Pen Elite. An original design, the G Pen Elite is a larger pen style vaporizer with full digital temperature control, LED display and a full ceramic heating chamber.

    With a wide temperature range from 93° - 220°C, the 'Elite G Pen offers the user total control over their experience.

    The Elite heats extremely fast, reaching full temperature in around 30 seconds. Powerful conduction heating and full ceramic heating element produces clean, nice tasting vapour.

    Powered by an internal lithium-ion battery and smart-chip technology, The G Pen Elite is a high-performance vaporizer.  Designed and engineered for portability, the G Pen Elite is great for vapers on the go.



    G Pen Elite Vaporizer Specifications:

    • Manufacturer: Grenco Science
    • Designed in: USA
    • Made in: China
    • Device Dimensions: 114mm Height x 38mm Width x 25mm Depth
    • Materials: silicone, ceramic, plastic, stainless steel
    • Heating Element: Ceramic
    • Heating Time: ~30 seconds
    • Temperature Range: 93°C - 220°C
    • Temperature Control: Digital
    • Battery: Lithium-ion (non replaceable)
    • Charger: micro-USB
    • Car Charger: N/A
    • Passthrough: No
    • Automatic Shut off: No
    • Warranty: 12 months


    G Pen Elite Vaporizer Features:

    • Pen style design easily fits in your pocket
    • LED display with battery indicator
    • Full digital temperature control
    • Ceramic heating chamber
    • Very large herb chamber fits a lot of material
    • Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
    • Micro-USB charging

    G Pen Elite Vaporizer Full Kit Includes:

    • 1 x G Pen Elite Vaporizer
    • 1 x "G Card" grinder card
    • 1 x G Pen tool
    • 1 x USB charging cable
    • 1 x Cleaning brush

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