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Good Life Grinder 50mm - 4pc
Good Life Grinder 50mm - 4pc

Good Life Grinder 50mm - 4pc

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Good LIfe Grinders are the future in herb grinding. The precision crafted CNC milled grinders are flawlessly produced and expertly designed. Featuring the only non-threaded grinder on the market, Good Life has patented technology that allows for the most ergonomic experience available. This four piece grinder has everything you’ve come to appreciate in a top of the line grinder.

From strong neodymium magnets holding the top together to the pollen collector on the bottom and everything in between, Good Life Grinders provides the highest quality experience with a “Twist.” Featuring our patented, “Schoomp,” design, Good Life Grinders are sealed with a twist of the wrist instead of countless rotations as in EVERY OTHER grinder on the market. Flawlessly designed to give the user the easiest possible use, Good LIfe Grinders put an end to messy screw-threads and carpal tunnel in one fell swoop.

In addition to having the novel “Schoomp” design, our grinders also feature a unique top grid that allows for maximum flow with no clogging and no loss of separation power. Good Life Grinders has also added an incredibly high through-put screen in our grinders that guarantees the user will be collecting the maximum possible amount of pollen. If you’ve ever bought the “best grinder on the market” and felt disappointed by realizing it’s the exact same thing as every other grinder out there, Good Life Grinders is for you. We are proud to offer a grinder to the market that truly addresses the issues that matter most. We made the grinder of our dreams, now we want to share it with the world.

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