DISCONTINUED Herbsafe Mini Storage Container
DISCONTINUED Herbsafe Mini Storage Container
DISCONTINUED Herbsafe Mini Storage Container

Herbsafe Mini Storage Container

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Herbsafe Mini Storage Container

Mini Dimensions: 76mm x 76mm

Capacity: 0.172L

Air, moisture, heat and light are your herb's biggest enemies. Thankfully, the Herbsafe keeps all of those things at bay with a patent pending one-way valve that seals in freshness and keeps your herbs safe from harm.

The Herbsafe Storage Container saves the day when it comes to preserving the shelf life of herbs, spices, coffee grounds, tea leaves or your favourite botanicals. It's never been easier to retain the freshness and potency of your blends.

The BPA-free polypropylene lid clips down tight to create an airtight seal while the unique aeration system allows gases emitted from flower or herbal contents to be released from the canister to preserve freshness. As the air pressure rises within the canister, the HerbSafe's one-way valve opens to allow this aeration process to take place. After the gases are released the valve closes, keeping the canister better than airtight!

HerbSafe Features:

  • Patent-pending silicone valve with one-way pressure release keeps air and moisture out while allowing C02 to escape
  • The pressure release valve is dishwasher safe and never needs to be replaced
  • Made from durable, high-grade 304 stainless steel, with a food-grade polypropylene lid. Lab tested to be safe and BPA-free.
  • Great for preserving, self-curing or just for locking in freshness

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