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Honey Bee Extractor
Honey Bee Extractor

Honey Bee Extractor

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  • Product Description

    Honey Bee Extractor - Convert Your Dry Herbs into Oils

    Simple and Inexpensive Method for Oil Extraction

    The Honey Bee oil extractor is an easy way to extract essential oils from your dried plant materials. You will need some easy to obtain additional equipment in order to achieve the desired results, the most important being a butane gas canister. Instructions on how to use your new honey bee extractor and a list of the equipment needed can be found below. Aside from being a very simple method to extract oils from your favourite dry herbs, it is also a very inexpensive one and provides a great opportunity for those interested in trying out oils for the first time. 

    Honey Bee Extractor

    How the Honey Bee Works

    The Honey Bee Extractor is made from butane resistant polypropylene, making it ideal to be used in combination with butane gas. However, we do recommend to replace your extractor after several uses as the yield quality of your herbs will be reduced, and we definitely wouldn't want that. The extractor works by using the butane gas to extract the active properties from your dry herbs into liquid-form which is then evaporated off to leave you with a concentrated oil. 

    Included in the extractor kit are three Honey Bee filters so that you can re-use the extractor another two times. If you would like to purchase more so that you do not run out, you can find additional honey bee filters here.


    How to Use Your New Honey Bee Extractor

    What you will need.

    • 1 x Honey Bee Extractor
    • 1 x 300ml PURIFIED Butane Gas Canister 
    • 1 x Grinder
    • 3g - 10g Dry Herb (Can pack more but will require more butane)
    • 1 x Pyrex Bowl / Tray
    • 1 x Hot Water Bottle or Larger Bowl / Large Sink
    • Protective Gloves
    • Safety Goggles


    Extraction Method

    1) Ensure your herbs are bone dry and grind to a fine powder. We recommend grinding your herbs over a piece of paper so that you can easily gather the herb.

    2) Load your ground dry herbs into the Honey Bee Extractor. Make sure your herbs are packed well, but not too tightly.

    3) Make sure the filter is in the cap and screw on tightly. 

    4) Ensure you have an excellent source of ventilation - if possible, we HIGHLY recommend performing the next stage outside. 

    5) Again, check that the cap is on snug and insert the tip of the butane canister into the single hole on the bottom of the Honey Bee Extractor. 

    6) Hold the extractor over the Pyrex bowl and release the gas.

    7) Fill a hot water bottle or larger bowl / sink with hot water and carefully place the Pyrex bowl / tray either on the hot water bottle or in the hot water. This will help speed up the evaporation. Again, make sure the room is well ventilated.


    WarningButane gas is flammable and every safety precaution should be taken to avoid accident and injury. Make sure you wear the appropriate protective gear. Again, we highly recommend performing this extraction outside and using purified butane to prevent any possible harm. We can not be held responsible for any injury and you assume any liability for any injury caused in the extraction of your dry herbs. 

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