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    DISCONTINUED Inhalater
    DISCONTINUED Inhalater
    DISCONTINUED Inhalater
    DISCONTINUED Inhalater
    DISCONTINUED Inhalater


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    Manufactured in Quebec, Canada, the Inhalater is a super portable vaporizer with a twist. It utilises interchangeable capsules to house and vaporize your herbs, so you can have one ready to vape and another in your pocket ready to go. The Inhalater's vaporizing capsules and heat chamber are made from Polyimide, a thermally stable and super heat resistant resin often used in high heat medical applications. These capsules are designed to be loaded with herbs and inserted into the Inhalater's heat chamber to be heated by the ni-chrome wire element.

    The Inhalater is powered by user-relaceable lithium ion batteries and accomodates micro USB charging so you can use any USB to micro-USB cable to charge your vape. It can even be used during charging, so a dead battery doesn't mean the end of a session! As long as you have a cable or a fully charged spare battery on hand, you can vape until your heart is content.

    The Inhalater has nine temperature settings ranging from 150-240°C and is ergonomically designed. The mouthpiece cover screws onto the bottom of the device to double as a temperature knob for simple and intuitive operation.


    What is the Inhalator INH05 made of?

    The Inhalater INH05 is made of polybutylene terephthalate, also known as PBT, a thermoplastic engineering polymer. This material makes the Inhalater INH05 very light and makes transportation of the device much easier. As for the heating chamber, it consists of a ni-chrome heating element wrapped between two sheets of Polyimide. The vaporization capsules that house your herbs are also made of Polyimide.

    Polyimide is a synthetic resin with remarkable proprieties. Properties include thermal stability, with great mechanical and chemical resistance. Polyimide is used in many high-tech applications like space shuttles and medical devices due to its high resistance to heat. 


    Temperature Settings:

    • 1: 150°C
    • 2: 161°C
    • 3: 173°C
    • 4: 184°C
    • 5: 195°C
    • 6: 206°C
    • 7: 218°C
    • 8: 229°C
    • 9: 240°C



    • Heats fast in 30-60 seconds
    • 9 pre-set temperature settings from 150-240°C
    • Micro USB Charging
    • Passthrough capability (can be used while charging)
    • Interchangeable Lithium-Ion batteries
    • Warranty: 1 year


    Inhalater Kit Includes:

    • 1 x Inhalater INH05 vaporizer with Capsule
    • 1 x Spare capsule
    • 1 x AC to USB charger with detachable USB cable
    • 4 x Sanitary mouthpiece tips
    • 4 x Alcohol wipes
    • 10 x Cleaning sticks
    • 1 x User manual

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