JyARz Satchmo
JyARz Satchmo
JyARz Satchmo
JyARz Satchmo
JyARz Satchmo
JyARz Satchmo
JyARz Satchmo
JyARz Satchmo
JyARz Satchmo
JyARz Satchmo
JyARz Satchmo
JyARz Satchmo

JyARz Satchmo

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Satchmo is the largest JyARz storage jar. Satchmo is made from only the highest quality, precision borosilicate glass, recycled outside plastic shell and thick, beefy Buna gaskets and shock absorbers. Satchmo is built to hold more material and to last a very long time.

Outer Dimensions: 64mm Tall x 65mm Wide (at cap)

Glass Core: 51mm x 51mm

Volume: approx. 89ml (3 Fluid Ounces)


JyARz are simple, portable, reusable, recyclable, glass-lined travel containers. This just may be the last container that you ever need! Durable and modular, the glass core and latex gaskets can be replaced easily for a like-new jar whenever you need it! These are jars with an environmental conscience, using a protective outer sleeve made from 100% recycled milk jug plastic.

JyARz can be used to store and transport your personal care products like pills, creams, oils, medicinal herbs, homeopathic remedies and much more. JyARz are made of 4 parts main parts:

  • 1. A protective "sleeve" which surrounds and protects a glass insert. The sleeve is made from 100% post-consumer (recycled) milk jug plastic.  The plastic in JyARz contains no traceable thalates or BPAs...it's clean and recyclable.
  • 2. A cap, which is also made from 100% post-consumer/recycled milk jug plastic.
  • 3. A glass "core". The glass core in JyARz is made from borosilicate glass, which means it's tough and can withstand washing and extended reuse.
  • 4. Two gaskets made of high-purity, FDA food-safe latex. Latex is a safe, inert material in common commercial use.

With a JyAR™, your stuff is stored in glass, so it's not exposed to plastic. The glass in a JyAR™ can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement, and spare glass tubes can be purchased separately. When you replace the glass "core" inside a JyAR™ it's like getting a brand new container, but since you keep reusing the sleeve and cap there's no plastic to throw out!

JyARz also have a double-seal to keep your stuff under tight protection. Humidity and air can't get in and any odorous stuff inside your JyAR™ won't get out, making them extremely waterproof and smell proof.

Why JyARZ?

  • JyARz stay-fresh super thick seals and UV blockers keep contents fresher longer.
  • JyARz are highly smell and water proof.
  • JyARz are made of glass and recycled milk jugs (No BPAs or Phthalates).
  • JyARz are rugged! Built-in shock absorbers protect the glass inside.
  • JyARz feature a reusable environmentally friendly design
  • JyARz are cost effective; modular design means they last a lifetime!


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