DISCONTINUED Killer Bee Glass Tube Extractor
DISCONTINUED Killer Bee Glass Tube Extractor
DISCONTINUED Killer Bee Glass Tube Extractor

Killer Bee Glass Tube Extractor

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Killer Bee Glass Tube for extracting pure essential oils from your herbs

Dimensions: approx. 304mm tall x 63mm diameter.


From the people who brought you the Honey Bee and the Queen Bee comes the Killer Bee - an all glass oil extractor that uses nothing but butane and a little time to extract fine essential oils from your dried plant material. This extractor holds up to a whopping 80g of material, so you can make bigger batches of essential oil in one go.

Thick and durable, this non-reactive glass tube is a clean, safe and easy way to extract oils from herbs and flowers. The removable top has a molded butane port and seals tight with a clear gasket. The 5 small milking holes in the bottom allow the liquidised butane to be expelled, along with the extracted active ingredients from your chosen plant.

Using the Killer Bee is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. 1. Load your chosen plant material (the Killer Bee works best when packed loosely)
  2. 2. Hold the tube over a shallow dish and fill with butane from the top to collect the liquid it expels
  3. 3. Wait. Once all the butane has completely evaporated, you'll be left with a clean essential oil


Warning: Butane gas is flammable and every safety precaution should be taken to avoid accident and injury. Make sure you read up on the best and safest method for using this extractor before you try it at home.

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